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Suarez £50m, Higuain £34m, Soldado a bargain at £24m.

Posted on July 25, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

On the face of it the price quoted for Roberto Soldado, reputed to be in the region £24m, would appear to be extremely high for a player who will be twenty eight years of age by the time the season starts. Last summer United paid a similar sum for Robin Van Persie, a player with a tremendous goalscoring record and proven in the Premiership but also a year older and in the final year of his contract at the time.

Already this summer a number of forwards have secured deals at great cost to their new clubs, even now it looks like Real Madrid are about to sell Higuain to Napoli for £34m while Arsenal have apparently made an offer of £40m for Suarez but Liverpool seem intent on receiving a fee of £50m or more if he is to go.

Tottenham meanwhile are negotiating a deal to bring Soldado to the Premier League but have hit a wall it seems with a bid of £22m, Valencia are apparently holding out for £26m but opinion is that an increase to £24m should clinch the deal. Soldado is the current choice of the Spanish coach and he has responded with goals for the national side, he has also managed over twenty goals a season for the past three seasons and has averaged a goal every other game his entire career.

The player now seems intent on moving to Tottenham and presumably terms have almost certainly been thrashed out, now is the time to put the deal to bed and add the final piece in the jigsaw, it seems that dithering might have cost the services of David Villa and there should  be a concern that Madrid will need to replace Higuain or Liverpool Suarez so securing the quality and goalscoring ability of Soldado quickly is imperative.

The time has arrived to complete the requirements of the squad going into this crucial season and the expectation is that a deal with Valencia will be done very soon now.


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  1. lol says:

    Dont post these things, AVB is being used as a talent spotter by big clubs, with his immense talent to spot gr8 players for future. Now, jokes apart, Soldado is not Spain full-time first choice, but that is better for us because he will be less injured from international matches. He does not suit tiki-taka style of play, he is a finisher,as well as an agressor, Higuain -mould player, bit downgraded version. But Higuain costed 42M and Soldado 24M? I will take him any day, because the way we plan to play with powerful mid-field and goal-scorer wingers, we need a clean striker, who can push and who can finish, support our high tempo game

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