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Tottenham pursuit of Bony mirrors pursuit of Benteke. 1

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Eddie S

A couple of weeks ago when interviewd at the World Cup the Swansea player Wilfried Bony announced that he would consider leaving his current club for a top six team if the opportunity presented itself. That seemed to open the door for clubs such as Everton and Tottenham to toy with the idea of didding for the big striker as significantly his words did not mention the need for Champions League football as do most other potential transfer targets. Everton need a replacement for the on loan Lukaku who has been priced out of a move to both clubs due to a ridiculously high fee put on his head by Chelsea who don’t consider him good enough for them.
General opinion was that a player purchased for £12m a year ago and performing reasonably well in the premiership would attract a decent profit of perhaps as much as £8m at most. Now that Tottenham have apparently shown their hand and enquired about the player his price is beginning to soar and has been set at more than double the amount paid a year ago.
Prices now being quoted for decent players is becoming ridiculous, £25m or more for Bony who had no better than a good first season with fourteen goals to his name is just not on and the sum quoted by many as Tottenham’s valuation of £17m is nearer the mak give or take a million.

£32m for Lukaku! Chelsea having a laugh. 2

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

It has been reported that Chelsea have placed a £32m price tag on their unwanted Belgian for Romelu Lukaku, the same figure as was reported they are paying for Diego Costa of Atletico Madrid. With only two years left on his current contract and with another season of uncertainty ahead of him, loaned out to yet another club, the figure quoted seems  quite ridiculous for a player clearly not likely to figure in Mourinho’s plans for some time if ever.

Round up of today’s Tottenham news. 0

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

There still lingers the hope that one of the teams ahead of Tottenham might yet falter and allow them to creep past  and pinch a top four slot and the team probably most vulnerable remains Arsenal. Nobody it seem is yet taking Everton seriously yet as things stand are the true contenders and actually entertain the red half of North London on the 6th April in what will be a vital game. It has to be said that though extremely unlikely based upon current form it is feasible that Tottenham could upset Liverpool’s charge this weekend, a Tottenham victory would pile the pressure on those above them and their run in is arguably the easiest of them all but to do so will take a performance of the highest order and for the team to get out of the blocks from the first seconds of the game.

Tottenham back to the drawing board as Benteke signs new Villa contract. 9

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Tony

To say that this has come as a bit of a shock is an understatement , it seemed that the Benteke move to Tottenham was as clear cut as possible once the fee had been finally agreed, not so as Benteke has signed a new improved and extended contract following discussions with the club.

So what went wrong or had it all been a red herring, just why did the player hand in a transfer request? Hopefully there will be a few answers over the coming days but in the meantime just who are Tottenham intent on bringing to the club. City have sealed the deal for Negredo, Jovetic seems next on the list so who does that leave, Soldado and a long shot might be Dzeko who is becoming a bit of a forgotten man in the scheme of the Manchester City rebuild.

No offer for Saldado, Benteke is the No.1 target. 4

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Tony

Valencia have confirmed that there has been lots of interest in their striker Roberto Soldado but as yet not a single offer! It has been reported in recent weeks that a Tottenham offer in the region  of £17m had been knocked back and the club had decided to move on to other targets. With the Benteke negotiations apparently also hitting a sticky patch an increased bid was supposedly made of something in the region of £20m.

Get ready to fear the power of theTottenham strike force. 0

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Eddie S

At the moment we are still being informed by some reporters that Chelsea are another club in the frame and fighting for the signature of Christian Benteke, quite why I am not sure, it seems that Wayne Rooney is their new striker of choice at the moment, a completely different type of operator. Any interest Chelsea might have once had in Benteke has evaporated, they already have Lukaku, a player of similar size and style and just a couple of years younger, both are full Belgian Internationals and both had a decent return of goals in the Premier League last season. Chelsea also have Fernando Torres quite capable of playing alone up front and having cost a tidy £50m you would expect that Mourinho, being the  supposed best coach on the planet and Chelsea saviour, might get the best from him. they also have a certain Demba Ba only purchased in January of this year but seemingly already surplus to requirements. Chelsea we must also remember purchased Schurrie this month at great expense and unless he is intending to replace Eden Hazard it must be assumed he is expected to be the second striker.

Is Benteke on his way to training or to Tottenham? 0

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Well today could be the day that Tottenham finally announce the signing of their new centre forward, it is the hoped for deadline given by the player or the day he must return to train with his current Villa teammates. There has been much speculation as to Tottenham offers or more like the lack of offers, but none of this actually rings true, the player, his agent and even Villa are all fully aware of Tottenham interest and have been for some time, it is probably likely that a deal and fee is close, maybe even agreed while Villa go about finding their replacement.

Benteke and Chadli want Tottenham switch. 1

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Guest Writer

Who would have thought that leading up to another season exceptional players would appear to be desperate to join Tottenham, reports indicate that Nacer Chadli a young Belgian Internation who has been courted by Swansea, an up and coming team who will prove very dangerous this coming season, also by Shakhtar who will be participating in the Champions League this year, is actually holding out from accepting proposals in the hope that Tottenham will make an approach.

A new day brings greater expectation for Tottenham. 3

Posted on July 09, 2013 by Guest Writer

After what can only be described as a bit of a shock following yesterdays announcement that David Villa was joining Atletico Madrid for little more than a half dozen donkeys and a herd of goats, today the expectation of most Tottenham supporters has grown still more. Having considered all the facts and information fed to us by the press over the past few weeks it seems clear that Villa was not AVB’s must have forward, it is even doubtful now as to whether the player was even considered as a possible addition to the squad.

Tottenham’s Belgian connection set to grow. 0

Posted on July 09, 2013 by Scraggs

Surely Christian Benteke is now Tottenham bound and ready to join up with a couple of his compatriots to spark a Tottenham charge on the four teams who finished ahead of them last season. Already Tottenham have two of the best, Jan Vertonghen an accomplished central defender who in his first season in the Premiership was voted into the Premier League team of the season, and Moussa Dembele a midfield powerhouse able to take the game to any opposition, but for his own injuries and the loss of his midfield partner Sandro he too would almost certainly have been another of the stars of last season, unfortunately in the later stages he was asked to contribute in other areas to help the team and often played whilst carrying an injury.

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