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Vlad, don’t count on a move to Chelsea. 3

Posted on October 02, 2013 by Tony

Vlad Chiriches agent has already begun spouting rubbish and implying that the players move to Tottenham is merely a stepping stone to a big money move to Chelsea in a year or two. Apparently Mourinho had been keeping tabs on his development even during his time with Real Madrid. Once he has made the grade then he expects Chelsea to make a huge offer for the player in order to take him to Stamford Bridge.

Has Perez already realised Bale fee was too much. 2

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Guest Writer

For the past twenty-four hours the Real Madrid president has been telling everyone who will listen that he managed to buy Gareth Bale on the cheap, that’s £86m cheap by the way. Quite why he has chosen to reveal this information is a little mysterious so soon after the player has signed for them and with just a couple of brief appearances to his name.

What do you get for paying an extra £65m in wages? a plus 1 goal difference. 36

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Guest Writer

With the release of Arsenal’s financial results for the year ending 2013 it seems that their wage bill has again increased and now stands at more than £155m, of course their turnover was substantial and increased to £254m and they made a profit of £6.7m. Compare these figures to the last known Tottenham figures of £90m in wages and £144m in turnover and Tottenham as a club are showing the way forward to others and what can be achieved by a club run the right way.

Daniel Levy targets title for Tottenham. 25

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Scraggs

Following his very impressive debut for Tottenham on Saturday Christian Eriksen has been much in demand and has been only too pleased to speak to the media on any subject. Obviously one of the major talking points has been the comparison between himself and Ozil who joined the other North London outfit within a day or so of him signing for Tottenham. Of course Christian Eriksen was courteous when comparing himself with Mesut Ozil stating that he thinks that Ozil has achieved a little more than him.

Real Madrid the “Adios” club. 14

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Tony

With the Tottenham strategic partnership with Real Madrid under review it is clearly time to sever any tie up with this devious club, by doing so there can surely be no change in the order of things or lack of benefits when there were none, this association has brought nothing to the table for either club. the only benefit that Tottenham have derived from their dealings with Madrid in the last year has been the best part of £120m.

Tottenham set to spend big in January. 3

Posted on September 13, 2013 by Scraggs

I doubt that anybody in the football world does not by now know the name of Daniel Levy the Tottenham Chairman and one of the most powerful people in the game, many clubs have stated that he is a nightmare to do business with whether he is buying or selling. He managed to pull off a major coup this summer, not through want of selling Gareth Bale but by turning adversity into the most amazing transfer window in Tottenham history, setting the club up for financial stability for the foreseeable future and allowing the prospect of being able to buy more top quality in the next couple of transfer windows if need be. To explain this I have detailed below the nuts and bolts of the last transfer window with information on the subject taken from Forbes, a leading reliable source of financial information, this is what was extracted from their article on the transfer window involving both Tottenham and Real Madrid

Eriksen v Ozil stats 2012/13 and what you get for an extra £32m. 55

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Performance data for season 12/13 Christian Eriksen

Competition Matches - - - - - - - - -  - -
Eredivisie 33 10 17 6 289 2.887
World Cup qualification Europe 7 2 1 629
UEFA Champions League 6 1 4 540 540
Europa League 2 1 1 210
KNVB Beker 5 2 1 2 152 303
International Friendlies 3 1 1 232 232

When Tottenham become Champions League regulars Levy will have Perez in his sights. 1

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Scraggs

When you consider how far Tottenham have come in the ten or so years that Daniel Levy has been in charge, it is not difficult to envisage what a formidable Chairman he will become once Tottenham are an established Champions League team and the new stadium has been built.

Has Levy got one more trick up his sleeve? 2

Posted on August 31, 2013 by Scraggs

With a little over 48hours left in this transfer window and after spending in excess of £100m too date there remains the belief that Daniel Levy will pull off just one more big deal. Already this has been the most memorable transfer window in Tottenham’s history and there is little doubt that Tottenham and Levy will have been involved in transfer deals totalling well in excess of £200m by close of play on Monday.

Chelsea interest in Willian makes little sense. 2

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Eddie S

Not only is it interest but it seems that the deal is all over bar the shouting, Mourinho has confirmed that the player has chosen and it is obviously the extra money that Chelsea can offer. Looking at the list of players that Chelsea have the addition of Willian really adds nothing, they are overloaded with attacking midfielders all of whom purchased for enormous fees.

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