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Posted on April 05, 2014 by Guest Writer

The name of Tottenham Hotspur was much in the news again yesterday though none of it relating to hopes and dreams for the remainder of the season as 5th, 6th and 7th is all that is left to play for after all the hype and hope in the summer transfer window. There was the news yesterday that Ledley King would be handed a testimonial by Tottenham to be played on May 12th between a Ledley guest eleven against the current squad and with tickets at respectable prices and proceeds going to good causes of his choice this is one testimonial that is fully endorsed from all aspects.

After all is said and done it has to be Laudrup. 6

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Tony

After some days of mourning the loss of what could have been a great period in the history of Tottenham Hotspur it is essential that we now concentrate on finding the new man for the hotseat. Something has obviously gone on behind the scenes as Daniel Levy is normally ready to name the replacement as soon as he swings the axe, my guess is that AVB probably demanded he choose between him and those responsible for diluting his position at the club and that would seem to include Sherwood and Adebayor amongst others.

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