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Vertonghen seeking United move? 4

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Jan Vertonghen has begun to send out mixed signals early into the new season but well in advance of the January transfer window, he has stated that he has turned down a new improved contract but remains extremely happy at tottenham with 4 years remaining on his current deal. Clearly there is a whole lot more to this story though thankfully he will not be shafting our club for more money before agitating for his move away at the earliest opportunity. As we all know contracts are worthless when it comes to football, Modric, Bale and Suarez, amongst many others, all signed new improved contracts before making life as difficult as possible for the clubs that held their registrations to push through their moves elsewhere.

Barca set to trigger Vertonghen release clause! 3

Posted on July 12, 2014 by Guest Writer

There isn’t much that can surprise me in football as clearly just about anything is possible in this day and age, if a player on 3220k pw wants to leave because nobody made a fuss of his 31st birthday! if any club is prepared to pay over £40m for Ozil and if wayne Rooney who is clearly well past his best can win a new contract to pay him £300k pw then clearly all bets are off BUT though it is conceivable that Jan Vertonghen could head to Barcelona during this transfer window it is not at all possible that it will be because of a buyout clause.

Tottenham have already secured Vertonghen replacement. 1

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Guest Writer

There has been plenty of speculation that Jan Vertonghen will look to move come the summer with Barcelona and Manchester United his most likely suitors, both clubs would seem to be in need of a player of such quality but the more likely Manchester club would be City as it is Champions League football that the player seeks and United will not be offering that next year, then there is the issue of Daniel Levy selling to rival clubs and so if it is to happen Spain or France might seem the most likely destination.

Liverpool not an option for Vertonghen. 0

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Today’s reports that Liverpool are aiming to pinch Jan Vertonghen from under Tottenham’s noses are miles apart from the truth, it is true that Vertonghen is the type of player that any decent club would wish to have in their ranks and there have been links to at least one of the Spanish giants as well as the fallen giant of English football Manchester United. As we all know Tottenham and Daniel Levy no longer sell their star players to teams in direct competition and though Liverpool are dominant at the moment they really could not afford the type of money Tottenham would demand to release him to a team in the Premiership.

Redknapp still has far too much Tottenham influence! 10

Posted on January 06, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Eighteen months after being sacked from his post at Tottenham the Redknapp bandwagon is still rolling, his pals in the media and his son Jamie all turned their wrath against anything Tottenham. Suddenly Modric, rather than stay loyal to Tottenham during Redknapps time as coach, really had to leave to achieve his ambitions as did Gareth Bale a year later, strangely as of now while both have had the opportunity to play in the Champions League, mostly against whipping boys, still no trophies and only third in a two team league, but I digress, both Redknapps have treated us to articles about the players Tottenham need to maintain a challenge at the top of the league and have championed the cause of playing two strikers including Adebayor. Eventually the pressure and what seems to have been the coaching staff Redknapp left behind managing to chip away at AVB’s authority led to his demise and while the consensus of opinion in the media is that he was sacked I think many are beginning to think he resigned and that is the reason Levy had no backup plan.

Is Chiriches ready to replace Michael Dawson? (video) 6

Posted on December 05, 2013 by Scraggs

As Michael Dawson hits a bad patch at the centre of Tottenhams defence so the newest addition at the back, Vlad Chiriches continues to improve and endear himself to all at Tottenham, take a look at player ratings and you will see that he is now the considered to be Tottenham’s most impressive defender and he just keeps improving with every game. There probably is little doubt that Jan Vertonghen would be leading the way had he had the benefit of playing in his favoured position but having been forced to help out at fullback even he has dropped down the list.

Vlad Chiriches. Class act. (video) 7

Posted on November 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

It took a while before Vlad Chiriches managed to clinch a deal to confirm his future as a Tottenham player as bizarrely the owner of his previous club put a block on the deal for a number of weeks while serving a prison sentence. Fortunately during visiting hours he was ultimately persuaded to accept a sufficient fee to allow the deal to happen and that is beginning to look like a fortunate situation for both parties.

Jan Vertonghen the Rolls Royce of defenders. 2

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Tony

It really doesn’t matter which position that you ask Jan Vertonghen to take up he always delivers. Following the unfortunate injury to Danny Rose so early into the game it was a simple decision to send Jan Vertonghen into the action, statistically Vertonghen has been the Tottenham player of the season so far, he has a mightily impressive pass accuracy of 94% in his 4 league games and surprisingly for a defender has yet to concede a free kick.

Do Tottenham really miss these players? 6

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Scraggs

There are some that won’t let the Modric and Bale transfer dealings go away even though the team coped admirably without Modric last season and seem to be doing quite nicely without Bale so far this. Last season Tottenham managed to record their highest points total in the clubs Premier League history leading to a stellar season from Bale and ultimately his exit as a result of his form. Even now, or at least up until the Christian Eriksen show on Saturday, many reports written had fixated on the lack of a creative spark that a player like Luka Modric brought to the team and others the missing goals following Bales exit. spursThis particular picture has been doing the rounds of late, no doubt to wind up Tottenham supporters, whilst every fan of the club would rather both players had stayed at the time it wasn’t to be and we are left asking the question, should Levy have dug his heels in?

Barca bid for Vertonghen must be turned down. 2

Posted on August 09, 2013 by Eddie S

With little over a week before the season starts surely it cannot be true that Barcelona have lodged a £23m bid for Jan Vertonghen, if true just why at this stage of the transfer window as surely they must have been aware of the need for additional defensive backup for months now bearing in mind Mascherano was drafted in to play at the back last season.

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