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Tonight we salute the King of White Hart Lane.Class Act (video) 2

Posted on May 12, 2014 by Eddie S

Tottenham have been fortunate over the course of their history in having lots of players to hero worship, some have been stalwarts who have always loved the club, some have come up through the ranks, some have been of world class quality, others have joined the club and been special players while some have seen out their career at Tottenham, very, very few can claim to be all of these things but tonight there will be a special welcome back to the field of play for a special Tottenham player.

Sol Campbell continues to show shocking judgement and lack of class. 0

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Guest Writer

Just like all those years ago when Sol Campbell ( I can hardly say his name) treated Tottenham with utter contempt and destroyed his reputation forever he is now trying to do the same to our country and the FA, though I have no particular love of the FA myself the accusations are totally without foundation and have been made simply to court controversy and attempt to sell more copies of his autobiography, not a chance in one half of North London and I hope by his current actions it goes down like a lead balloon in the rest of the country.

Is Chiriches ready to replace Michael Dawson? (video) 6

Posted on December 05, 2013 by Scraggs

As Michael Dawson hits a bad patch at the centre of Tottenhams defence so the newest addition at the back, Vlad Chiriches continues to improve and endear himself to all at Tottenham, take a look at player ratings and you will see that he is now the considered to be Tottenham’s most impressive defender and he just keeps improving with every game. There probably is little doubt that Jan Vertonghen would be leading the way had he had the benefit of playing in his favoured position but having been forced to help out at fullback even he has dropped down the list.

Jan Vertonghen the Rolls Royce of defenders. 2

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Tony

It really doesn’t matter which position that you ask Jan Vertonghen to take up he always delivers. Following the unfortunate injury to Danny Rose so early into the game it was a simple decision to send Jan Vertonghen into the action, statistically Vertonghen has been the Tottenham player of the season so far, he has a mightily impressive pass accuracy of 94% in his 4 league games and surprisingly for a defender has yet to concede a free kick.

Ledley gives Tottenham new boys the thumbs up. 0

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Scraggs

Our very own Ambassador, Ledley King has spoken about Tottenham’s transfer dealings so far this summer, as a person and player that we all trust and admire then his opinion on each of the three incoming players so far should give us huge hope for the forthcoming season.

The first player through the doors was of course Paulinho for a then record Tottenham transfer fee of £17m, fresh from inspiring and powerful performances for Brazil in a successful Confederations Cup campaign Ledley only has good things to say about a midfielder he considers as world class already. Paulinho is an all action midfielder ideally suited to the Premier League, he is a huge prescence offering pace and power to the Tottenham midfield already well stocked with quality, he has a propensity to find space in the box and brings with him an exceptional goalscoring record.

Ledley wonders what might have been but for injuries.England captain, 100 plus caps and no JT. 0

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Scraggs

The incomparable Ledley King has been talking about what might have been had he not suffered such serious career threatening injuries, he also describes his mindset in dealing with the problem and extending and handling his career.

By now everybody knows that Ledley could not train as he sought to manage the effects of the injury and extend his career. When you consider that he played for seven years with this problem picking up 21 England caps along the way, it was an incredible effort. Statistics prove that when Ledley played Tottenham achieved a greater win and points ratio and more clean sheets.

Ledley King “I quickly grasped that I was never going to be as good as I wanted to be but I still felt I could be very good.” 0

Posted on July 29, 2012 by Scraggs

Just how good could he have been, all Tottenham fans and a huge proportion of impartial football fans across the country recognise the fact that our own Ledley King was probably one of the best defenders of his generation having in his make up every ingredient needed to be the best there is,he might well have gone on to become one of the best ever and with a record haul of caps.

The King becomes an Ambassador 0

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Tony

The retirement of Ledley King has been coming for some time but it is still a sad time for fans and anyone connected with Tottenham.

Ledley was truly one of the great defenders having every ingredient needed to be so and I have no doubt that but for injury he would have been a regular for England rather than a certain John Terry,Ferdinand and King would have been the perfect partnership for me over the last several years.

Ledley will remain with Spurs in an ambassadorial role and will continue to inspire future players at the club.

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