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Soldado will comfortably replace Bale goals. 2

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Tony

After just three games for his new club Roberto Soldado already has four goals to his name in a Tottenham shirt all in competitive fixtures, he has only trained with his new teammates for a matter of a couple of weeks and is already four goals ahead of Bale at the same stage of last season. Some will point to the fact that half have come from penalties but Gareth Bale has a record of one taken and one missed and he also had the benefit of taking every free kick even remotely within range last year.

Arsenal turn their attention to Luka Modric! who next Ronaldo? 1

Posted on August 02, 2013 by Guest Writer

The latest story to hit the news is that Arsenal are considering a bid for Luka Modric, now they say it is the one who is currently at Real Madrid as I am not aware of a player of the same or similar name. Perhaps this is another story from Marca that they hope will turn the players head but somehow I doubt it.

Why the fuss about Champions League football. 1

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

As a player what is the fuss about playing Champions League football? Every year the major clubs player 6 matches in a league format and rarely are there any upsets. 90% of the fancied clubs generally go through comfortably before some decent action begins in the knockout stages. Luka Modric left Tottenham this season citing his wish to play in the Champions League and as one of the best midfielders in the world what he got was 6 starts, some meaningless as the job was done e.g. Ajax and Galataseray, and 5 substitute appearances, he totalled less than 600minutes of football and an average of 54 minutes in each game.

Modric and £30m for Bale.Deal or no deal. 0

Posted on March 09, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Todays rumour in the Daily Star which offers another play on the Gareth Bale to Real Madrid story is obviously absurd, we have been treated to Modric encouraging the player to join him, Madrid employing AVB to replace Mourinho to sweeten the move for Bale and before the saga comes to an end come the 1st September I dare say Daniel Levy will also be offered a job over in Spain to see the deal through.

Champions League still a spectator sport for Modric. 0

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Tony

Surely when Luka Modric sulked and threw his strop to engineer his move to Real Madrid it was to play Champions League football. He said that it was every players dream to play in the competition and for him it actually remains that, a dream, he is once again overlooked and is on the bench.
From a financial point of view he is better off although had he committed to Tottenham his wage would have increased substantially and he would still have been one of the first names on the teamsheet and a player looked upon enviously by every club in Europe.
Just now he is a bit of a sad figure as he has gone from superstar to being voted the worst buy of 2012. He could have gone on to become a Tottenham legend but instead will hopefully act as a warning to the likes of Gareth Bale that Tottenham might just be the place to be. Tottenham will use the huge fee from his sale to invest and improve and the club will go on. If ever the saying the club is bigger than the player was ever proven right he is the perfect example, Tottenham go from strength to strength while he sits on the bench contemplating a wrong footballing decision.

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