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The Premier League contenders 2016/17. 0

Posted on May 30, 2016 by Scraggs

The 2015/16 season was absolutely nothing like many expected and whilst some argue that it was sub standard in quality it is mainly only those obsessed by huge transfer fees and wages, the opinion of the majority was that it was probably one of the best Premier League seasons ever with the hope and belief that the monopoly that has existed for far too long might just have been broken up for ever.

Van Gaal feeling the pressure with dig at Spurs. 8

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Guest Writer

You can always tell when a player is not having the best of times at his club when they hit out at other clubs, they know that their fans will forgive them and allow them a little more time to show what they are capable of. Only recently the Arsenal right back Jenkinson on their american tour attempted to find favour with their supporters by leading a derogatory song about Tottenham, Frimpong has done the same in the past, it saved neither of them and they are currently elsewhere hoping to do better.

The 3 new premiership teams Arsenal, Liverpool and United. 0

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

We all know that the three teams promoted from the Championship last season were Leicester, Burnley and QPR and we all look forward to seeing how they fare and who they bring in to give them their best chance of survival. We know from yesterdays report that QPR have dispensed with about 15 players from last seasons squad though a great number of them were loans.They will all be active in the market and will hope to add the numbers and quality to enable them to compete in what is the most competitive league in football.
Last summer Tottenham received a massive windfall with a record sum being paid to them for Gareth Bale and they took the opportunity to fill their boots and buy seven new recruits, as we all now know it didn’t quite work out as planned and the severe upheaval had a detrimental effect on the club and performances to some extent, they had the players to take on and beat all but the top clubs and even Arsene Wenger put much of this down to the enormous number of new players and a lack of teamwork as a result.

Spurs player ratings at United. 4

Posted on January 02, 2014 by Eddie S

Before we get going let me first say that I have been won over to some extent by Tim Sherwood and his coaching team, he has quickly adapted and changed things following his first couple of games when he chose teams that were far too soft centred and gave precious little protection to the back four. It would now seem that the likes of Dembele, Paulinho, Sandro and Capoue will all at some point be crucial to his team selection and allow the flair and touch players to do their stuff in more advanced areas. There is still much to do and more difficult encounters to overcome but it will be interesting to see what tactical adjustments he makes in various situations and to cater for different opposition setups.

North London clubs taking over from Northern softies? 0

Posted on September 29, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Take a look at the Premier League table and you will see Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea leading the way while both Manchester clubs continue to fall further behind. Yesterday United were beaten at home by a West Bromwich team who have failed to win at Old Trafford for thirty five years, it was no flaky win either as WBA were the stronger team overall, Van Persie and Rooney were both on the pitch but failed to make much of an impression.

Tottenham have caught Arsenal and Chelsea, Manchester clubs next? 22

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Guest Writer

Judging by the vitriol aimed Tottenham’s way and the happiness surrounding Gareth Bale’s departure in many parts of London it at last seems to have got through that AVB has put together a squad that gives Tottenham every chance of doing well this coming season.

United and Arsenal panic buying costs them. 42

Posted on September 03, 2013 by Guest Writer

As the transfer window approached it’s conclusion both Arsenal and Manchester United were forced to show their hand to placate the masses that support them. Neither have had the best of starts to the season although Arsenal managed to calm matters with the important home victory over their nearest neighbours.
Manchester United have been linked to a number of creative midfielders in the mould of Fabregas, Modric and the Barcelona youngster who eventually plumped for Bayern Munich rather. Efforts to sign Anders Herrera and then Khedira from Madrid both failed as did a last ditch attempt to sign De Rossi from Roma until eventually they were forced into paying way over the odds for Fellaini. When you consider that his buyout clause was only £23m until a month ago, to finally be forced into paying about £28m as a last resort clearly points to a purchase simply for the sake of it. Fellaini is a decent player but he is nothing like the type of players targeted who were all in the playmaker mould,. What happened to Leighton Baines? He was the first player that they bid for and United even made a joint bid for the two of them for a combined fee of £28m.
Over at the Emirates Wenger and even his players have been talking of their need of a new forward, Higuain, Suarez, Benzema and Rooney were all targeted. A defensive midfielder and more help in the centre of defence were also apparently needed, there was also plenty of effort trying to secure a new keeper with the QPR keeper said to be odds on to join for most of the summer. Come the last day of the window and Arsenal and Wenger almost treble their previous record transfer fee, destroy their wage structure, pay something like £10m over the top and simply bring in another midfielder in the mould of Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta and Ramsey as well as another average back up keeper.
Let’s be clear Fellaini and Ozil are both good players but even the most ardent of supporters of both United and Arsenal will have been left disappointed by the events of the transfer window, neither player would have been considered essential to the team or what was actually needed and so it all smacks of desperation.
Just about every club in the top ten, and many below, have managed to strengthen their team and squads in this window, but could you actually the same about United and Arsenal having seen almost all of their targets slip away.
Many supporters of both clubs will be happy that they eventually splashed the cash, many will openly state that they are satisfied with yesterday’s transfer dealings, unfortunately the reality is that these last minute deals have papered over the cracks. Tottenham probably thought on Sunday that they were about to lose the services of Etienne Capoue for a large chunk of the season, a big loss but not so much when you consider that he was an alternative to Sandro and so AVB has quality cover in that position. Imagine either of Ozil or Fellaini picking up a knock, they are not just back up or squad players they have been brought in to galvanise the team and if they were out for any length of time it would be a big loss to them.

Arsenal turn to plans H J and K to try to hold off Tottenham. 4

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

If anyone has been reading the comments made by most Arsenal supporters up until recently you would have expected that they would have been welcoming three or four marquee signings  to the Emirates to make their debuts on Saturday, instead a young French striker sat on the bench fresh from the French second division and who arrived for the princely sum of zilch.

£170m to spend and nobody to spend it on. United and Arsenal struggles. 6

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Guest Writer

There have been numerous reports of the enormous transfer funds available to two of the giants of English and European football, Manchester United have stated that a spend of £100m or more is easily handled and is permitted if the new coach David Moyes so wishes. Early on in the transfer window it was reported that a derisory offer was made for the England left back Leighton Baines, this was immediately refused and there was allegedly a backlash internally from Patrice Evra, most upset as would be expected, since then everything has been very quiet, no increased bids or talk of a possible deal.

Bale to Manchester United will never happen, their time is up. 13

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

David Moyes wants Gareth Bale as a statement of intent! as intent of what exactly? United might have walked away with the league title last season but the squad continues to age and Scholes has gone AGAIN. It is doubtful that Moyes will be able to persuade him to play again next January if they are in trouble and so far there is no sign of his replacement. Perhaps United are banking on the Barcelona starlet Thiago Alcantara, they are reported to be offering him a wage of close to £130k pw which seems a lot for someone so inexperienced.

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