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Has Perez already realised Bale fee was too much. 2

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Guest Writer

For the past twenty-four hours the Real Madrid president has been telling everyone who will listen that he managed to buy Gareth Bale on the cheap, that’s £86m cheap by the way. Quite why he has chosen to reveal this information is a little mysterious so soon after the player has signed for them and with just a couple of brief appearances to his name.

When Tottenham become Champions League regulars Levy will have Perez in his sights. 1

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Scraggs

When you consider how far Tottenham have come in the ten or so years that Daniel Levy has been in charge, it is not difficult to envisage what a formidable Chairman he will become once Tottenham are an established Champions League team and the new stadium has been built.

Are Madrid cooling Bale pursuit? 5

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

During an interview with ESPN Deporte Perez the Real Madrid President and one of the major instigators of the Gareth Bale pursuit had this to say:-

“Talking with ESPN Deportes TV, Perez appeared to send a message to Spurs that €100 million was too much for Bale, while simultaneously claiming never to speak about potential transfers out of respect to the other parties involved.


“We talk with lots of people and we will see what happens in all our negotiations, with this player [Bale] and with others,” Perez said. “We do not usually talk about other players out of respect to the player, the club and the president, with whom I made a good friendship last season during the signing of Luka Modric.

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