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Tottenham: The perfect job at the perfect time. 2

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Scraggs

The season is now over and as the board go about looking for the new man to take up the challenge in the coming season there is a sense of disappointment, Tottenham have dropped to sixth but more worryingly ten points behind the team in 4th place, a position we have achieved a couple of times or have been just a point away from on a regular basis, of course our position and points total, which was still only three points off our best ever total, doesn’t tell the whole story of the season,

Sherwood deserves time! 7

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Eddie S

I have to admit that Frank de Boer has opened a can of worms and should have remained silent on the prospect of being considered, and he probably is only under consideration at this time, for the Tottenham coaching position that seems likely to become available once the season is over. Before his “leak”  Tim Sherwood had already run to the press to speak out against the likes of Van Gaal and Hoddle expressing their interest in the job even though that was  in December!  The timing of Sherwood’s outburst

Moyes sacking reduces Tottenham’s options. 5

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

With many believing that Louis Van Gaal was almost certainly headed to White Hart Lane after the World Cup the sacking of David Moyes might just have thrown a spanner in the works. Nobody really knows whether Van Gaal was a genuine Tottenham target or whether he had ever considered accepting the job if offered but with the United job now available the options for Tottenham and United are currently very limited and with the possibility that Barcelona might also have a vacancy after a non productive season it could all get a little messy this summer.

Massimo Allegri to replace Sherwood! 0

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Guest Writer

Reports coming out of Italy suggest that the sacked A C Milan coach Allegri has tied up a deal to become the new man in charge come the summer, though he has far more experience than the caretaker Tottenham plumped for in December I doubt many expected this appointment if there is in fact any truth to it. We know from past experience that much of what is written lately in Italy is far removed from the truth, one such example written only this week a swap involving Vertonghen for yet midfielder Behrani, a player that failed to make it at West Ham, Fiorentina and now Napoli to bolster our alreading bulging contingent of midfielders.

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