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Premier League Predictions game 22 0

Posted on January 17, 2015 by Eddie S

The run-in to the end of season is now well underway, with just two weeks of the transfer window remaining and just seventeen games left to play “squeaky bum” time is creeping closer. The outcome of this weekends fixtures might well have a major influence at some clubs, some owners might well decide enough is enough and wield the axe to enable a new man at least some time to bring in players needed before the transfer window closes, others will be desperate to strengthen their squads and cater for any significant injury problems they face.

Let’s see what we make of today’s set of fixtures:-

Break over and it’s back to Premier League predictions week 12. 1

Posted on November 22, 2014 by Eddie S

We at JTN have enjoyed a couple of weeks break from the trials and tribulations(not many of those lately) of being a fully fledged Tottenham supporter, the disappointment of the last result and especially the performance has subsided a little and most of us look forward to better from the team in the coming weeks and until the end of the season, but enough about that for now let’s get on with my predictions for today’s upcoming fixtures and  some great match ups:-

Premier League predictions game 6. 0

Posted on September 27, 2014 by Eddie S

This week I’m not going to spend much time trying to explain the reasons why I think the results will be as I predict as I have got most so vastly wrong recently and in particular last week. I do think that things will eventually settle down but that at the moment many clubs are still trying to cope with so many new imports over the summer, clearly some are doing so far better than others. The top of the table looks very interesting with only Chelsea showing any sort of consistent form so far.

Premier League predictions 5 part 2 5

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Eddie S

Yesterday did not produce my finest set of predictions but some interesting results nonetheless, the performance of the two teams in the late game was the most telling with West Ham putting up a tremendous performance against Liverpool, 3-1 to west Ham actually flattered Liverpool as they were taken apart in the first half. there are some important games today, games that will help shape the season and tell us a little more about some clubs so let’s have a go at predicting the outcome:-

Premier League Predictions 5 0

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Eddie S

Back to business and the Premier League resumes after a week of European competition, for many of our teams it is an opportunity to show that they are better than their performances tended to indicate during the week with the exception of Everton perhaps. there are a number of interesting match ups this weekend with a couple of unlikely candidates to take over at the top of the table overnight at least. Looking at Saturdays fixtures it could be argued that at least a couple of managers are in danger of the seeing their tenure reach an early end if results go badly, ridiculous of course but possible.

Football expert tips Tottenham to win the Premier League. 11

Posted on August 04, 2014 by Eddie S

Many of us at JTN HQ have been reading the thoughts of “Football Expert” Charlie Nicholas over at Sky in what is the first of their pundits expert reports on the outcome of the Premier League and the potential stars of this coming season. Obviously any football fan worth their salt will be able to predict the thought of Charlie Nicholas, ex- player of Celtic and Aberdeen where he won several trophies during his career and correct me if I am wrong but a League Cup with Arsenal in four seasons with them. 

Premier League predictions 26/3/14. 0

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Eddie S

Last nights predictions brought just a one in three success rate though it took a last gasp own goal from Swansea to ruin that result, City made easy work of United who are going through a dreadful patch, if you believe Tim Sherwood who says that Tottenham don’t possess any world class players perhaps he might like to consider United’s predicament, they are a team that we are told have plenty of worldy’s, Wayne Rooney on £300k pw, Van Persie being paid well over £200k pw and their new boys Juan Mata and Fellaini, just where has it got them, struggling to maintain a hold on seventh so far. Perhaps Tim Sherwood should not look for excuses or knock AVB because of the impact of Bale last season as clearly there is more to winning matches than having world class players in your ranks.

Today’s Premier League predictions. 0

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Eddie S

There are only three games but all are of significance at the top of the table and for some will determine their season. The three home teams will all expect to win and in most cases need to win but equally the away teams also have so much to play for. Predicting the outcome of games has become increasingly difficult, though four were correct at the weekend and a fifth only ruined by a last gasp effort the thrashings handed out are difficult to comprehend.

Premiership predictions 22/3/14 1

Posted on March 22, 2014 by Eddie S

I just can’t seem to catch many breaks at the moment as results go against form and surprises crop up on a regular basis but I expect better results as we get closer to the end of the season and positions top and bottom settle into place. This week I am going to keep it short and sweet once again as so often I go with reason rather than gut feeling and it’s often the latter that occurs.:-

Premier League predictions 15/3/2014 5

Posted on March 15, 2014 by Eddie S

As we speak ten man City are holding on to their one nil lead and having missed a couple of clear cut chances to put the game to bed there will be some concern as to whether they can hang on. Though too late to comment on the outcome of this game the rest of today’s itinerary has yet to follow and my predictions and comment, though a little more short and sweet than usual, is as follows:-

  • Everton v Cardiff 15:00
  • This is a simple choice for me as Everton at home will be far too powerful for a struggling cardiff buoyed a little from victory over Fulham. Home win 3-1.
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