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It’s Tottenham Lads 0

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Scraggs

When I read Roy Keane’s comment my immediate reaction was to be angry and to see the comment as yet another cheap dig at Tottenham, of course it is that as well as a tiny insight into the methods and ability of a great manager. Of course I’m sure that Manchester United won’t be using the phrase anytime soon when they face Tottenham after suffering from a run of poor results against them over the past 2 season, unfortunately the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and even Liverpool and Arsenal ┬áprobably can.

Walcott’s action has opened a can of worms. 68

Posted on January 07, 2014 by Guest Writer

Ian Wright and all the pro Arsenal and Walcott pundits can defend his actions as much as they like but what they refer to as harmless banter and as being only retaliation for coin throwing and abuse are kidding themselves and all the rest of us.Now Theo Walcott actually seems a very decent fella, he does not come across as mouthy and arrogant like Ian Wright or Jack Wilshere for example, in other circumstances even Tottenham supporters would recognise the fact that missing such a unique occasion as a World Cup in Brazil, if chosen of course, is a one off for any professional footballer and must hurt terribly, sympathy would be the first reaction for most rightminded people in normal circumstances but this is a bit different.

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