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The four Champions League clubs are in trouble this season. 0

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Tony

With Chelsea and United currently leading the Premier League and City and Arsenal close behind it would appear that everything is as normal, the truth of the matter is that as was the case last season when Tottenham and Newcastle both bucked the trend and one of the four, Chelsea, were relegated to sixth,all of the top four are being chased down. We all know that Chelsea saved their skin by winning the tournament against all odds but is that likely to happen again? unlikely.

7 go for Champions League-Spurs and Newcastle set to cause upsets. 0

Posted on July 09, 2012 by Tony

Realistically there are now 7 clubs  challenging for a spot in the Champions League which means thar there will be 3 very disappointed sets of players and supporters come the end of the season.

The seven clubs are made up of the original Sky 4  Manchester United,Chelsea,Arsenal and Liverpool add to this Manchester City and the bankroll which has put them at the pinnacle of English clubs for the moment,  Spurs having proven over the last few seasons to be consistent performers achieving 4th place on two occasions now.The seventh club now ready and able to challenge is Newcastle,finishing 5th last season and going nip and tuck with Spurs and Arsenal for that coveted 4th place (well it was meant to be but for Chelsea winning it)for most of the season.

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