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What’s all the fuss, Torres deserved his 2 yellows and another red. 21

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Guest Writer

Jose Mourinho is again trying to manipulate the media in England just like he did all those years ago during his first spell with Chelsea, during his time at Real Madrid he tried to use the press to divert attention away from his own poor decisions, unrest in the camp and lack of success. Chelsea have started the season poorly by their standards, the worst start in fact of the Abramovitch era, worse still apart from the first half against Hull performances have been poor.

Is there an alternative to Soldado? 0

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Tony

With most top quality forwards either sold or having signed new contracts with their existing club,and the loss of David Villa’s signature Tottenham have their sights set on Roberto Soldado of Valencia but his club seem intent on extracting as much cash for him as is possible. Daniel Levy is not the type to accept being ripped off financially although he recognises that Valencia are due a fair price for their star player.
The problem facing Tottenham is that there are so few top quality forwards left out there, Manchester City have snapped up a couple in the form of Jovetic and Negredo in the past week, Benteke has extended his contract, Higuain went for an extortionate fee to Napoli and so the available options continue to dwindle.
Who else out there might fit the bill? Not many that is for sure and the longer it takes the less likely it will be that clubs will release their crucial goalscorers fearing that a replacement will not be available.
Soldado must be considered the main option and it does seem that he is now intent on joining but if it all goes wrong who might it be, Lopez is continually linked but he is no out and out centre forward, Damiao is still trying to find a club but while his club continue with their unrealistic fee demands he is unlikely to be going anywhere, Jackson Martinez seems no nearer signing a new contract at Porto but he will cost even more than Soldado.
JTN has mentioned the possibility of Torres and Dzeko before now and although their wage demands might be prohibitive there are very few other viable alternatives, one or other might be persuaded to fall into line with the possibility of becoming the main striker rather than their clubs third or fourth alternative.
Soldado is by far the best option and probably the one Tottenham are banking on, surely the deal will eventually reach a satisfactory conclusion as both clubs take their position on the issue and seem reluctant to budge, just who will blink first? although there is surely a middle way with just a little more fee from Tottenham or Valencia accepting the balance in add-ons..
Valencia have imposed a 3rd August deadline which would enable them time to enter the transfer market and secure the replacement needed, this is in my view a perfectly valid argument as we all know the devastation that late sales can have on the season with late panic buys.
Hopefully the deal will conclude sometime over this weekend and the player can join his new teammates on their return from Hong Kong.

Should Tottenham look to Torres rather than Villa? 1

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Tony

There has been much speculation that David Villa is a target of AVB and Tottenham for the coming season but he will turn 32yrs of age soon after the season starts, will cost a pretty penny in fees and wages and has been a little too injury prone for my liking for some time. There is another Spanish striker plying his trade a little closer to home who is expert in the methods of Premiership football and who is also rumoured to be surplus to requirements at his current club, he is more than 3 years younger than Villa and is desperate to have a great season and put himself back into contention for the next World Cup in Brazil. Off the back of a season when he scored 23 goals might Fernando Torres be the striker to ignite Tottenham’s season to even greater heights?

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