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It’s got to be today?Spurs announcement imminent. 0

Posted on July 03, 2012 by Tony

Surely today Tottenham will finally put us all out of our misery and officially announce the new man in charge.That man will be Andre Villas-Boas and he will be welcomed and given a fair chance by the Tottenham faithful.

All Tottenham fans will hope that the Villas-Boas they get is the one that Chelsea hoped to be getting,a very successful,effective coach with great tactical knowledge,a coach that will bring the best from the entire squad of Tottenham and not just the favoured few.

Now Italian big guns in for Van de Vaart 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Scraggs

As well as the two German clubs apparently keen to sign VDV it seems that most of the big Italian clubs are ready to throw their hat into the ring for him.
It appears that he will be the 3rd quality player to leave after Corluka and Kranjcar, none of them blessed with any pace.which is probably one of the reasons they slipped down the pecking order.
None of these players will be considered failures in their time at White Hart Lane and they all helped to move the club in the right direction, but the first 2 mentioned were upgraded successfully and if the same happens with VDV then we will have some player,who will it be if it happens?

Does Van de Vaart for Huntelaar make sense? 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Scraggs

One or two stories are starting to appear suggesting that a deal might be on the cards involving Van de Vaart going to Schalke plus a cash adjustment in return for Huntelaar.

This cannot be totally discounted as Tottenham certainly need strikers and Van de Vaart might just want to return to Germany where his wife works.The talk though has been his return to Hamburg where he had possibly his most successful spell.

Will Spurs have a punt on Jordan Rhodes? 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Tony

Jordan Rhodes goals ratio is very impressive scoring 97 goals in just 180 games.Obviously the level at which the goals have been scored in no way matches the quality in the Premiership,although there is an argument that he might get more opportunities with a better quality of player providing the ammunition.

He will not cost a fortune as I believe his contract only has a year to run and having just turned 22yrs he still has a good deal of potential yet.Maybe he is worth giving an opportunity to and is the real deal goal predator everybody is looking for,what is there to lose.

Tottenham need forwards ,where will they come from? 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Eddie S

Well Manchester City seem to have a few to many.Their system normally lends itself to 1 forward and occasionally 2,at present they still have Tevez,Aguero,Dzeko, Ballotelli,Adebayor and Santa Cruz,obviously a couple of them,Tevez and Adebayor would do nicely.

Once Villas Boas is appointed then Hulk will at some point be linked.Loic Remy is another supposedly chased in the past as well as Llorente.Rossi was all the rage for a year or more but serious injury has ruled him out for another several months.
Diego Forlan was another who supposedly refused us and is now available but to old and to late for him.

Are Spurs chasing Alan Dzagoev? 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Scraggs

Another 22year old attacking midfielder is supposedly being pursued by Spurs,this one is surely only possible if Sigurdsson does actually choose to sign for another club.

There is just something odd about this one,firstly all the rumour is coming from his father,never really believe family member quotes,after all Van Persies’ wife and mother said he would sign for Arsenal again and thats not going to happen is it.Secondly,rumours have ciculated that he is soon to be available free as his contract is due to expire, his father states though that he secretly recently signed a contract extension!!!!It all seems shall we say strange,not sure about this one.

AVB,£50m to spend and Modric stays or sold abroad. 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Tony

Tottenhams 2012/2013 campaign is about to get underway,Andre Villas Boas will be officially appointed as the new Spurs coach,Tim Sherwood director of football,a huge transfer kitty will be available(this fact won’t be publicised for obvious reasons),already from sales and revenue probably as much as £50m, plus any income from further sales.

It would also appear that Tottenham will stress that they will not sell Modric to one of their competitors,a bold but correct move as it would be crazy to strengthen a team you will be competing with.

Mistake to sack Redknapp,No, Levy meant to do it. 0

Posted on July 01, 2012 by Tony

Joe Jordan has come out and said that it was amistake to axe Harry Redknapp and that he had a couple of players in mind to make the difference.He conveniently forgets that when Harry had the opportunity to commit himself to Tottenham he failed to do so,instead he continued to say that he wanted the England job,in a roundabout way.

He had no loyalty to Spurs until the job was offered to Roy Hodgson then his tune and results changed,a coincidence maybe,but we shall never know.As far as I am concerned he was 99% destined to take the England job when offered,Spurs season fell apart even though they were desperately unlucky not to gain Champions League entry.

Is this Brazilian playmaker the Modric replacement? 0

Posted on July 01, 2012 by Tony

Reports are continuing that Spurs have been in negotiation for sometime with Internacionale for their 20year old playmaker Oscar Dos Santos.

This is a playmaker with an eye for goal as was proven when he scored a hat trick in the World U20 cup final against Portugal.

He is valued at somewhere in the region of £20m and Spurs are hoping to pull off this deal should Modric be allowed to leave.

This is a story to keep tabs on as he and Sandro might be interesting in the Tottenham midfield.

Moutinho setting up move to Spurs? 0

Posted on July 01, 2012 by Tony

It is still widely expected that Villas Boas will be the next Tottenham coach and Joao Moutinho is saying all the right things if he wishes to move to Tottenham this year.

Rather than quotes from a close friend or his agent, he himself is extolling the virtues of Villas Boas as a great coach and tactician,and goes on to say he would work for him again tomorrow.

He has possibly nailed the argument that Villas Boas was not the problem at Chelsea and lays the blame squarely with players not being prepared to follow his instruction,or to fall into line with his methods.It is strange that you would pay so much for someone to transform the team,allegedly £13m,and then allow player power to continue.

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