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Thank you Chelsea for AVB, Your loss. 0

Posted on January 21, 2013 by Eddie S

Over the summer Tottenham moved on Harry Redknapp only a matter of weeks after his accession to the England throne was snatched away from him by Roy Hodgson, to make matters worse Ledley King, our greatest defender, was forced to retire due to ongoing injury problems, Luka Modric had eyes only for Real Madrid and eventually left for an enormous amount of money to take his seat on the subs bench in the Spanish and Champions Leagues, to make matters worse Rafael Van de Vaart felt compelled to return to Germany and the scene of his main footballing love Hamburg.

Choosing Lloris a brave decision for the good of Tottenham. 0

Posted on October 07, 2012 by Tony

Villas-Boas decision to choose Hugo Lloris to start his first game for Tottenham in the league was totally understandable and a good decision for the good of the club in my opinion. We all know that Brad Friedel has performed exceptionally well and has played in consecutive games in the Premiership for 8  years, truly impressive, unfortunately Villas-Boas as the Tottenham coach is not paid to take the easy decision as choosing Friedel again would have been. AVB is charged with taking Tottenham to 4th place in the league and beyond and to do that it was imperative to blood Lloris as he is to take over the mantle soon to be vacated by a 42yr old Friedel.

Tottenham and AVB against the World. 0

Posted on October 04, 2012 by Scraggs

Until the result last saturday against Manchester United it had been mainly detrimental reports on the abilities of AVB and Tottenham without the likes of Modric and Van de Vaart in their ranks. Even on the day in The Sun there was an article purporting that the club were in turmoil.

Villas-Boas has a blue and white army.Take note the Sun and Mail. 2

Posted on September 29, 2012 by Scraggs

In case any of the so called tabloid/newspaper hacks were not watching or  listening, during the game at Old Trafford the Tottenham supporters supported Villas-Boas throughout the entire match and all supporters have now signed up to “Villas-Boas blue and white army”.

If there were ever any doubts in some quarters those doubts have been firmly put to bed as Tottenham have now found a coach able to take the club to the next level. That is now seven games undefeated since the opening game against Newcastle, three league wins on the spin including two on the road including the latest at Old Trafford. No Spurs supporter will get tired of saying that for some time and why not it has been a long time coming.

Where are the Spurs supporters unconvinced by AVB 2

Posted on August 25, 2012 by Tony

Most of the Tottenham supporters that I know or speak to seem to be wholly behind Villas-Boas and his appointment and yet I continue to read articles and listen to pundits and radio hosts suggesting otherwise. It is true that Tottenham have been treated to some great football over the last few years under Harry Redknapp including two top 4 finishes but only one excursion in the Champions League, of course that was a fantastic experience and Tottenham shook everybody up with wonderful football.

My mission is to win titles with Spurs.Villas-Boas we like your style. 0

Posted on July 11, 2012 by Scraggs

So in his first interview in his capacity as Tottenham coach,Villas-Boas dismisses the possibility of Modric being sold as little more than an inconvenience and then goes on to state that his objective is to win titles for Spurs,and that ambition starts with immediate effect.

Tottenham enter 4 competitions this season and for the first time in a few years it really appears that they will all be taken seriously.Obviously it will be necessary to use the entire squad and a few of the emerging youngsters but that is no bad thing.The squad is stronger already,it is more youthful,it is to be expected that most of the purchases are likeley to be in the 20yrs to 25yrs bracket (excepting Adebayor of course).

Shock Tottenham appointment. 0

Posted on July 03, 2012 by Tony

And so just a couple of weeks after sacking Harry Redknapp Tottenham have shocked the country by appointing Andre Villas-Boas as their new coach.

Daniel Levy has probably had this appointment pretty much signed, sealed and delivered for 3 months or more,but probably gets much satisfaction from chelsea having to continue to pay his wages of close on £450,000 per month.

I have to admit that whilst I believed Levy had sealed the deal well before the end of the season I still had an inkling that it might be Blanc.

It’s got to be today?Spurs announcement imminent. 0

Posted on July 03, 2012 by Tony

Surely today Tottenham will finally put us all out of our misery and officially announce the new man in charge.That man will be Andre Villas-Boas and he will be welcomed and given a fair chance by the Tottenham faithful.

All Tottenham fans will hope that the Villas-Boas they get is the one that Chelsea hoped to be getting,a very successful,effective coach with great tactical knowledge,a coach that will bring the best from the entire squad of Tottenham and not just the favoured few.

AVB,£50m to spend and Modric stays or sold abroad. 0

Posted on July 02, 2012 by Tony

Tottenhams 2012/2013 campaign is about to get underway,Andre Villas Boas will be officially appointed as the new Spurs coach,Tim Sherwood director of football,a huge transfer kitty will be available(this fact won’t be publicised for obvious reasons),already from sales and revenue probably as much as £50m, plus any income from further sales.

It would also appear that Tottenham will stress that they will not sell Modric to one of their competitors,a bold but correct move as it would be crazy to strengthen a team you will be competing with.

Moutinho setting up move to Spurs? 0

Posted on July 01, 2012 by Tony

It is still widely expected that Villas Boas will be the next Tottenham coach and Joao Moutinho is saying all the right things if he wishes to move to Tottenham this year.

Rather than quotes from a close friend or his agent, he himself is extolling the virtues of Villas Boas as a great coach and tactician,and goes on to say he would work for him again tomorrow.

He has possibly nailed the argument that Villas Boas was not the problem at Chelsea and lays the blame squarely with players not being prepared to follow his instruction,or to fall into line with his methods.It is strange that you would pay so much for someone to transform the team,allegedly £13m,and then allow player power to continue.

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