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Tottenham have already secured Vertonghen replacement. 1

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Guest Writer

There has been plenty of speculation that Jan Vertonghen will look to move come the summer with Barcelona and Manchester United his most likely suitors, both clubs would seem to be in need of a player of such quality but the more likely Manchester club would be City as it is Champions League football that the player seeks and United will not be offering that next year, then there is the issue of Daniel Levy selling to rival clubs and so if it is to happen Spain or France might seem the most likely destination.

Is Chiriches ready to replace Michael Dawson? (video) 6

Posted on December 05, 2013 by Scraggs

As Michael Dawson hits a bad patch at the centre of Tottenhams defence so the newest addition at the back, Vlad Chiriches continues to improve and endear himself to all at Tottenham, take a look at player ratings and you will see that he is now the considered to be Tottenham’s most impressive defender and he just keeps improving with every game. There probably is little doubt that Jan Vertonghen would be leading the way had he had the benefit of playing in his favoured position but having been forced to help out at fullback even he has dropped down the list.

Vlad Chiriches. Class act. (video) 7

Posted on November 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

It took a while before Vlad Chiriches managed to clinch a deal to confirm his future as a Tottenham player as bizarrely the owner of his previous club put a block on the deal for a number of weeks while serving a prison sentence. Fortunately during visiting hours he was ultimately persuaded to accept a sufficient fee to allow the deal to happen and that is beginning to look like a fortunate situation for both parties.

Vlad, don’t count on a move to Chelsea. 3

Posted on October 02, 2013 by Tony

Vlad Chiriches agent has already begun spouting rubbish and implying that the players move to Tottenham is merely a stepping stone to a big money move to Chelsea in a year or two. Apparently Mourinho had been keeping tabs on his development even during his time with Real Madrid. Once he has made the grade then he expects Chelsea to make a huge offer for the player in order to take him to Stamford Bridge.

Chiriches debut on the horizon as permit arrives. 2

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Tony

At long last the work permit arrived in this mornings post which will allow Vlad Chiriches the opportunity to appear before the Tottenham public before the away fixtures at Cardiff and Villa. It has been a long time coming as he awaits the opportunity to become the last of the new arrivals to take his place in the lineup. the permit probably arrives a day or two too late for him to start the game but it is hoped that he might make his debut early in the second half.

AVB set to shuffle the pack in Europe. 10

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Guest Writer

Tottenham play at home again on Thursday and this time it is in the UEFA Cup group stages against the Norwegian club Tromso. We know that AVB has a particular liking for this competition and with such a squad of talent at his disposal he also needs to do well in every cup in order to keep every member of the squad up to match pace and fitness.

Tottenham’s magnificent 7:5th up Vlad Chiriches.(video) 1

Posted on September 07, 2013 by Tony

It was a battle, it took longer than expected and probably cost a million or two more than anticipated but eventually Vlad Chiriches managed to secure his transfer to Tottenham and the replacement for Steven Caulker finally arrived. At last AVB had his four central defenders, the optimum number he requested for his squad.

Chiriches is the least known of all the Tottenham purchases this summer, along with Chadli, but he is one of the players that might prove to be one of the most exciting. Nobody other than scouts and his previous opponents will know very much about him but since Tottenham began to show interest all the talk about him from fellow professionals has been very encouraging. Chelsea obviously know something of his ability as he scored against them in the Champions League last season helping to knock them out of the tournament.

Is Chiriches our new left back alternative?(video) 2

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Scraggs

AVB has confirmed it and his current coach has reported to the media that Vlad Chiriches is set to join Tottenham following his last game for Steaua tonight in the second leg of their Champions League qualifier.

It is no secret that he was identified as the player AVB wanted to bring in when Tottenham allowed Steven Caulker to join Cardiff, we all know of the strange circumstances that ultimately prevented the deal  concluding  at the time but in the few weeks since there have been opportunities to seek an alternative,  one or two players have thrown themselves into the hat but Tottenham have remained intent on getting their main target and it now seems like it is about to pay off.

Caulker exit surprise. Cardiff switch confirmed. Replacement delay. 1

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Scraggs

Somewhat out of the blue it seems that Steven Caulker has beeen sold to Cardiff for a fee in the region of £9m. For some time it was believed that Caulker would be the next great defender to come through the ranks after the defector Campbell and King, by name and by ability. He managed to feature in twenty eight games last season and did reasonably well, managing a call up for England duty and a goal on his International debut.
Whilst we all hoped that he would take over from Ledley it seems clear that it was a task too far, as one of our own, and he is only young, hopefully he will still go on to become a great player but in comparison to the likes of Jan Vertonghen it was clear that times have changed and much more should be expected of a great central defender. Campbell was a defender pure and simple while Ledley had so much more, great defensively, able to read the game and comfortable on the ball, Vertonghen has all that but perhaps lacks Ledley’s great pace when he was in his pomp.
Maybe it is a little surprising that Tottenham have not given the player more time or another loan for a season, perhaps the player himself was demanding more playing time or a permanent move rather than a loan, whichever it is it is perhaps a little disappointing but he managed less playing time toward the end of the season and once Vertonghen could be released from his left back duties, and he did not cover himself in glory at the U21’s tournament over the summer.
It was reported that Tottenham had virtually completed the signing of Vlad Chiriches from Steaua Bucharest and as a right footed player he is a surprising replacement for Caulker, however he is another central defender possessing fantastic technical ability and a real offensive edge to his game, it seems that the owner of the club, serving time in prison, has thrown a spanner in the works but hopefully any problem will be ironed out.
Hopefully Vertonghen will return from his injury in time to take his place in the team for the first game of the season, it would also be good to see Younes Kaboul get some game time before the season starts and finally prove his fitness, Tottenham need him back to his best.

Two more Tottenham signings about to be announced 0

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Eddie S

We have been waiting for the signing of Soldado for what seems an eternity but we learn that the deal is now close to being confirmed but better still will be the announcement that a second signing has been made, possibly a little surprising if true and a little worrying in terms of the current fitness of Younes Kaboul. The rumour is that 22yr old right sided central defender Vlad Chiriches has been signed from Steaua Bucharest at a cost of something in the region of £8m, not 23yrs old until November he is another central defender in the mould of Jan Vertonghen and already a full Romanian international.
Chiriches has been described by some as the most stylish defender in Europe. We have copied and pasted a small extract of an article found to best describe his attributes, if he is half the player described then we are in for a treat. “Chiriches is a stylish defender. He is a libertine, a libero-lothario who loves the ball like few others in his position. Where most centre backs would whack he caresses. He carries the ball out from the back with the tender control and poise of a tango dancer. He rarely wastes possession and is always looking to start attacks. Even under pressure his instinct is to pass not punt.
While his languid style makes him appear unhurried he is deceptively fast – able to cover ground quickly in defence or burst forward at pace. He is not afraid to throw his body on the line for the sake of his team. He has the courage to try and find a teammate with every pass. And, although not tall for his position, at 184cm, Chiriches is seldom dominated in the air”. this description comes from a respected Romanian international of the recent past. He is also no stranger to scoring a goal or two and creating chances.
By now we already know exactly what we shall be getting with Roberto Soldado, a predatory goal poacher with sublime skills and great all round ability.

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