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I sense more Tottenham contract announcements. Next up Vertonghen. 7

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just like Sandro might be heading to Napoli or even Zenit for £5m, like Lloris being  targeted by Monaco and PSG and now Jan Vertonghen being the subject of interest from Barcelona and several other clubs according to his agent, perhaps we should be reading “I have 2 years left on my existing contract and if you don’t come up with more money and a longer deal then my value will begin to decrease or I might consider taking up one of these so called offers”

Arsenal players Spurs obsession or fear factor? 0

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Tony

Throughout the season Arsenal players have for some strange reason been trying to grab attention from the media and their own fanbase by talking about Tottenham or their players at regular intervals, we have spoken at length about the pathetic incitement of Walcott to the Tottenham fans during the FA Cup, that was bad enough but it had started much earlier than that.

Frimpong had for a couple of seasons been fond of winding up their North London neighbours but presumably now that he has found himself surplus to requirements and dropped down to the Championship by signing for Barnsley, perhaps now he has found his level he will refrain from posting sarcastic comments.

Repurcussions from Walcott’s actions continue as Police seek 3. 0

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

The Metropolitan Police have issued pictures of three men that they are seeking in connection with the coin throwing incident following the Walcott wind up that should really have been punished with an FA charge. The fall out has begun as predicted with the three now the subject of a manhunt, though we cannot in any way condone such actions the catalyst was Walcott’s childish attempt to extract a laugh from a winning situation at the expense of the travelling Tottenham support.

Walcott’s action has opened a can of worms. 68

Posted on January 07, 2014 by Guest Writer

Ian Wright and all the pro Arsenal and Walcott pundits can defend his actions as much as they like but what they refer to as harmless banter and as being only retaliation for coin throwing and abuse are kidding themselves and all the rest of us.Now Theo Walcott actually seems a very decent fella, he does not come across as mouthy and arrogant like Ian Wright or Jack Wilshere for example, in other circumstances even Tottenham supporters would recognise the fact that missing such a unique occasion as a World Cup in Brazil, if chosen of course, is a one off for any professional footballer and must hurt terribly, sympathy would be the first reaction for most rightminded people in normal circumstances but this is a bit different.

Lennon and Walcott comparison doesn’t stack up. 0

Posted on October 13, 2012 by Tony

For years now England,Tottenham and Arsenal supporters have have been arguing the merits of either player on the right wing for England, of late James Milner and Adam Johnson have been prominent in that position as both Lennon and Walcott have had injury and /or performance issues at their respective clubs.

Theo Walcott,6 seasons,149 league appearances,26goals,27assists and £75k pw is not enough! 0

Posted on August 29, 2012 by Tony

With stats like that, and remember of those league appearances many would have been as a substitute, a 5 year contract of almost £20m and almost certainly a signing on fee as well. Can anybody seriously consider Theo Walcott is a great player, in fact, who would even consider him to be an automatic choice for Arsenal let alone England. Walcott earned his first England cap in 2006 and he has now accumulated a total of just 28 caps most as a substitute.

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