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Townsend nails down England right wing spot. 0

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Guest Writer

If England need a player to excite and terrify opposition defences then their man is Andros Townsend, yet again he donned the england shirt and took the fight to the opposition at every opportunity and to back him up and run past him and add his own brand of pace was Kyle Walker. Every time that they play down the right in the England team and for Tottenham then so does their understanding and ability to break down the opposition improve. With more than ten years at the top and their best years some way ahead of them England might just have the a wonderful partnership blooming.

Rooney,Suarez and Bale transfer tactics. 1

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

With less than four weeks remaining of the summer transfer window three of the Premierships highest profile players futures are still to be decided. Many differing reports appear but most seem to suggest that all three players are angling for a transfer away from their existing clubs.

Each case seems to be following an almost identical pattern, rumour of interest from another club, primarily Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively, then the media frenzy begins and is continuously stoked up with the occasional remark or players and coaches of the interested clubs talking up the merits of the player involved. In each case their current clubs have been quite categoric and informed the press that none of the players are available for transfer, still the stories continue most of them without any substantial proof.

Rooney and Ronaldo going nowhere.It’s the 2yrs to go contract shenanigans. 27

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Tony

It is never always the case, but generally when a player is about to renegotiate his contract with just 2 years of the old one remaining there is invariably reports of a falling out, some unhappiness and interest from all the other big players in the market or at least near competitors. The last Rooney upset coincided with Manchester City coming into enormous amounts of money and throwing it about like confetti, they had Tevez, were in direct competition with United and might well have been keen on the player at the time given the chance that he might become available. the end result a shiny new contract for Rooney with a massive pay rise and his picture taken with a smiling Fergie.

Is Rooney bound for Arsenal or Tottenham? 2

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Guest Writer

Well neither actually, this is a situation that we have seen before at United and seems common as players are about to negotiate a new contract with just a couple of years left on their old deal. A few years back he was able to negotiate an enormous increase in salary simply because neighbours City would have gladly snapped him up to prove a point, this time I doubt he will be as fortunate. Rooney is no longer the golden boy or as essential to the team as some others have now become, as a result the best that he can hope for is perhaps an extra couple of years on his current deal

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