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The cheek of Perez, Bale is just an investment.

Posted on June 04, 2013 by Tony

What an odious man Real Madrid have voted in for another 4 years as their president and I sincerely hope that Daniel Levy puts him firmly in his place and embarrases him as much as he possibly can before this transfer window is over. In fact just about everybody associated with this classless club needs to be firmly put in their place, Jose Mourinho has managed to escape but his reputation has been severely brought into question.

Perez has been appointed for a further 4 years as the president of Real Madrid unopposed, a one horse race which seems to be the way that all associated with Madrid would like it as they are now consistently second best in just a 2 horse race.

In his first press conference following his appointment he continues to extol the virtues of Gareth Bale, it seems he is unwilling or unable yet to admit defeat but surely his remark that he sees Bale as just an investment will ultimately extinguish any likelihood of the player ever making the switch to this once great but now cynical club, or at least not consider them until Perez has been replaced.

This last season has just about summed up the modern Real Madrid, no coach, no trophies and no class and no chance of signing Gareth Bale of Tottenham.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Sorry to disagree but if Real Madrid offers 80+ million pounds Spurs should take it. For amount of money Real Madrid are offerring, Spurs could buy 5-7 quality players/prospects. Bale probably won’t lose form next year but he may get hurt. Also lets face it Spurs are not a big club but a medium size club. Until Spurs get Champions League football on a regular basis & have a bigger revenue stream (new stadium) they won’t be able to stop bigger clubs from poaching their top talent.

    • Tony says:

      This is a common theme but even if you did bring in 5 to 7 players with the money available you would be paying something like £25 to £30m in wages to them as against just £10m to Bale. If Tottenham want to be considered one of the big clubs and they do then they need to keep the best and build around them. Don’t kid yourself that Tottenham are not a big club as they are 13th in the rich list. Once they have cracked top 4, start on stadium and start to win trophies they will soon climb the rankings as they are a sleeping giant.

      • Andrew says:

        1) Good point of having to pay wages of 25-30 million pounds for 5-7 players.

        2) But the Spurs are still a medium size club… 13th on the rich list sounds nice until you realize their turnover is 100 million pounds less a year then London rivals Chelsea & Arsenal & is less than half of Manchester United.

        3) As for new the new stadium, wasn’t it suppose to be built by now? Who knows when that will start, keeps on getting pushed back.

        • Tony says:

          All of the teams above and even some below are regular champions league teams.keep Bale build and after 2 or3 years they will close gap.Tottenham have a plan and will not waiver itt will happen that is for sure.

        • whlspur says:

          You forget that Arsenal, Chelsea and even Liverpool have been in the CL for most of the past 15yrs and if that is worth £30m plus a year the difference is easily explained and perhaps is less than it should be, CL and gate receipts make up over £70m of the difference and once Tottenham crack that they should soon catch up. The stadium delay has been caused by Stratford stadium pursuit planning issues and government funding. It’s on track again and will happen in the meantime Tottenham have still managed to become a top 5 club and will improve on that very soon.

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