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The five players Arsenal need to turn them into title contenders.

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Tony

Arsene Wenger, most of his staff and virtually every supporter of the club must be very well aware of the type of players needed and the specific positions that they play that requires major improvement. You only have to listen and read the moans and groans of most supporters to be aware but still Wenger simply goes about papering over the cracks on the cheap rather than pay for a professional job.

In goal Arsenal have made do with less than second best for years, Almunia and the current encumbent have occasional moments of brilliance but overall are poor, a year ago Wenger was very interested in the French keeper and captain Hugo Lloris but they allowed him to slip away to their north London rivals and now it is to late.

In central defence they believed that they had the best thing since sliced bread in Vermaalen, so much so that they made him their club captain, he was the Belgian centre half but they seem to have chosen the wrong one as Jan vertonghen actually has been proven to be the real deal while Vermaalen has crumbled, was Wenger fooled by Vertonghen playing at left back for the national team you wonder.

Not since Petit and Viera have Arsenal had a defensive midfielder worth the description, Song made a decent fist of it before departing for the Barcelona bench, again Wenger made enquiries of a certain French international Etienne Capoue but again he was snapped up by Tottenham for £8m or so, he is proving to be a bargain already.

Wenger prides himself on knowing a good midfielder when he sees one, he has Wilshere when he is not injured and last year picked up another gem in Cazorla, at the same time he also made a derogatory bid for a certain Brazilian by the name of Paulinho who would have provided defensive awareness and goals, again Arsenal missed out although he is now in North London.

All summer the talk has been of signing that super striker, Suarez and Rooney have been mentioned and a bid made for the former, Higuain was a done deal before he jetted off to Italy while over in North London Roberto Soldado set up shop and has hit four goals in his first three games.

I suppose what I am trying to say is if arsenal have been searching for players like this in order to challenge for the title then surely by the same token if Tottenham already have them then they must be title contenders at Arsenal’s expense.

Theo Walcott still seems to believe that Arsenal have the stronger squad, he has obviously been drawn in by the words of Wenger as have some supporters off the back of a few wins. Nobody is denying that they could well get a result on Sunday as in no way would any Tottenham supporter suggest that they are anything other than a good side and easily good enough to beat anybody on their day, however, over the course of a season the belief is now that Tottenham’s squad is far superior and that a genuine challenge is perhaps on the cards from them and not just for fourth.

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  1. JL says:

    They have just signed a big name midfielder.. With loads of potential in Flamini.. I think Wenger feels that the squad is now complete.. with Flamini they can challenge for the title.. Best signing of the transfer window so far for them.. Wait, is this the first signing? Lol

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    No players in at arsenal yet they have just won the game you need to get off here tony your full of shit. Arsenal have just beaten a team thats invested 100 million of flop players paulinho and soldon next season aldo where rubbish. You fellow fans dont know anything nothings changed at all without bale the teams nothing fact. 11 new players does not mean success fact!

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