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The Mail continues anti-Tottenham agenda.

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Guest Writer

Following yesterdays ridiculous article reporting that Gareth Bale was demanding a wage hike to £200,000 pw to get over the devastation of failing to qualify for the Champions League, the Daily Mail conveniently forgot that even had Bale been the type to do such a thing, which he is clearly not, he has a contract with Tottenham for a further 3 years having signed a new deal less than a year ago.

Gareth Bale and every other player contracted to a club are never in a position to demand anything although negotiations are possible. There have been a couple of situations quite recently when players have tried to create a situation forcing their club to release them, Modric, Tevez and Odemwingie spring to mind and each of them remained with their club and finally put to bed the theory that you cannot keep an unhappy player. All of the players involved were from other shores but I am not sure whether a player from the  UK could actually go through the same process, Ashley Cole was guilty and lost all respect other than at Chelsea .

Today, Neil Ashton who has been guilty of writing similar articles quite recently, has called for Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham so as to improve as aplayer, as is so often the case it is Manchester United that should be the destination to replace the ageing Ryan Giggs. Giggs is and always has been predominantly a left winger/midfielder and just in case their supporters on the terrace or in the press haven’t noticed Gareth Bale has moved on and is much more than that.

“Another season of anxiety about finishing fourth with Spurs, when they will compete with United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal will not enhance his game.” so says Ashton, forgetting that Bale improved so much as a player in his first season coached by AVB that he scored 21 league goals and cleaned up with every player trophy. At this point it might be prudent to mention that United have a new man at the helm, Fergie has gone, remember that it took Fergie more than 3 years to win his first trophy and 7 attempts before winning the league, he failed to win the old Division 1 trophy at all. Perhaps it should also be remembered that after Matt Busby left in 1969 managers came and went failing to match his achievements until the early 90’s, United will unlikely deteriorate to that extent but MIGHT not be the sane force for a while.

For the first 5 or 6 years of Fergies reign United had many fantastic players including Bryan Robson, just look where United finished from 1986-1992 with a couple of 11th places 6th, 13th and a couple of 2nds. Many believe that Tottenham have finally set off on a run to success and it is just around the corner, it is often said that winning the FA Cup in 1990 not only saved Fergies job but began their domination of English football. Tottenham players, supporters and the board believe that their time is coming, not with that amount of dominance,  the money available to the likes of Chelsea and City makes it impossible to replicate, even United have been caught by both at times.

These hacks seem happy for the usual suspects to win everything worthwhile and buy all the best players,but football needs change and hope that success can be achieved, how exciting this season that Wigan beat moneybags City in the FA Cup and Swansea took home the League Cup. There seemed doom and gloom once the original “Sky Four” was broken up by Tottenham relegating Liverpool, City and their money replaced them and now Tottenham are pressing to take down another of the elitist group, Chelsea saved themselves by winning the European Cup last season against all odds, this season Arsenal needed a clear run, out of all competitions, for the last 3 months of the season to nick a one point advantage.

Journalists had better get used to it, Harry has gone, Bale is staying and Tottenham are coming for you.





3 to “The Mail continues anti-Tottenham agenda.”

  1. Wandering Yid says:

    Can someone tell these MUPPETS …Our chairman is a man of many words …and the second one is ….OFF !!!!

  2. yidarmy says:

    It really P’s me off that all these morons seem to forget that he has 3 years left on his contract. It’s like it doesn’t exist. Cannot wait for Levy to bring in a couple of big names, they might finally get the message that Spurs are going for the title and not just 4th. COYS

  3. Bigham says:

    Good article. Add to the fact Sky hate us as well. What is with this right wing media freaks? If do dont have a billionaire chairman or love in club like man u you are not worth giving credit to? It was a good year for football in the sense Wigan and Swansea won cups and the Spanish love in was ended by the Germans. So get over it looney media, football is much bigger than all of you!

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