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The Metro scrape the barrel again,this time it’s Cazorla and Pires looking like fools.

Posted on January 20, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just who at Arsenal is responsible for keeping their childish, tasteless players, ex-players and staff in check these days, Arsene Wenger has proved in the past that he too has no class with his constant tantrums, he also has been known to have selective sight and hearing problems when it comes to his players, in fact he is the founder member of the “I didn’t see it” club. Almost daily we seem to be seeing some sort of attempt at ridicule aimed Tottenham’s way, the tabloids seem happy to dismiss it as harmless fun until supporters react, when they did after Walcott incited a reaction it was the Tottenham supporters who received all the abuse from the media and attracted reports that featured. complete untruths regarding the sequence of events

Top of the list when printing this sort of article is the Metro and it’s probably just as well that it is a freebie as the content is either outdated or lacking in class and substance, ┬ájust why they continue to entertain some of their so called journalists is beyond most of us but then if you pay peanuts you get monkeys as they say. Just how does Jamie Sanderson manage to live on what he is paid?

Not far behind of course comes the Mirror, Sun and Mail who seem to have had some sort of agenda against Tottenham since the demise of Harry Redknapp in particular. Since Walcott began this pathetic attempt to seek attention from his club’s fans a couple of weeks back more and more Arsenal players have jumped on the bandwagon with blatant attempts to ingratiate themselves with their supporters at the expense of Tottenham.

Today it was the turn of Cazorla and one of their old boys Pires to act the fools, on this occasion we won’t be showing the pictures here as it all becoming pathetic and childish, you might have thought that the Arsenal players would be made to act with a little maturity and respect, we keep hearing that players are supposed to be role models so perhaps the time has come for somebody from the FA to act if Arsenal cannot control their own staff, Arsenal are due to visit Tottenham in less than two months and you can just imagine the reception they will receive if these poor attempts at ridicule continue, tottenham supporters who react will be the ones to suffer, as usual, so better the FA deal with this sooner rather later.

4 to “The Metro scrape the barrel again,this time it’s Cazorla and Pires looking like fools.”

  1. classic says:

    god why you so obessed with arsenal. both you and arsenal are a wee team. just cant wait to put six past you again. well we might reduce the score for you both

    • Tony says:

      You are one of those johnny come lately clubs suddenly becoming a little too mouthy because of the investment rather than building a real club, another Chelsea type. Be careful as city were once favoured over the red half but don’t get like them, gooners, scousers and chavs because it can disappear as well, just as it has for United and Liverpool, almost did for chelsea and has done for the gooners who participate in all the competitions but have not threatened to win any for 9 long years. to be honest City have had little to shout about up till now as you couldnt even get past the group stage of CL and only won two competitions despite the biggest investment in world football. Show a bit of respect and be thankful you have had a break with arab money, but you can never be a real club as you only lease your ground, sad really.

  2. mick says:

    Well well the arsenal do have somr decency ad cazorla had been forced to apologies to Tottenham. Its a start but dont believe he didnt know what he was doing. Time they had words with their scummy keeper podolski and a few others as well.

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