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The pressure is on Mourinho and it shows.

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Guest Writer

Yesterday JTN wrote of the ridiculous comments of Mourinho in relation to the importance of Chelsea to England, he referred to three players with the potential to become England regulars but omitted to mention it was unlikely to be until the World Cup after next, if at all. Chelsea don’t produce England internationals any longer, there are no more John Terrys coming through, they buy them. In fact Chelsea don’t produce any internationals, they might help develop a few by loaning out expensive purchases to other clubs before offloading them once their ambition finally kicks in and they want out.

Following the departure of Lukaku to Everton Mourinho’s response to questions asked of him in relation to the sale was embarrassing, he couldn’t bring himself to say that he and the club were disappointed by his departure, afterall he was purchased and was being developed as the Drogba replacement. “He is a nice lad that deserves to be happy” was the best he could offer spoiling those nice words by suggesting he had no fight or commitment and was only interested in being given guaranteed playing time.

Last season we suggested that the Chelsea squad was not good enough and were actually proven right as every challenge tailed off and failed, of course they have strengthened and spent almost £90m in doing so, but how much better will they be, in defence it’s still Terry getting older and slower, Lampard and Cole have departed as have Luiz , Mata and Lukaku for amazing sums of money.

Once again we believe that the squad is unbalanced though the average age has reduced but by Mourinho’s own admission he has too many foreign players on the books to be included in the final group and has all but disposed of his English contingent to bolster the numbers.

After so many years acknowledged as the “Special One” culminating in winning the lot with Inter things have not quite gone to plan since, his stock has dwindled as he struggled at the biggest club in the world for three spectacularly uneventful seasons in Madrid, the odd success he had came with little style which is so demanded of Real Madrid until he was sacked for the second time in his career.

Last summer he expected to take over at Manchester United following the retirement of Fergie, he had fawned all over them for months and he believed he was the chosen one, but United had other ideas and he had to fall back on Chelsea who also at the time needed him just as much as both had problems, Mourinho finding a rich club to pay him a huge salary and Chelsea after having sacked candidates in the past.

Last season Mourinho and Chelsea won nothing but if that wasn’t bad enough they also sold Mata, the fans favourite for two years having treated him poorly. They have now replaced him with Fabregas and will hope that Costa will finally provide the goals they need and have been missing.

With a new breed of coach starting to make names for themselves, Like Simeone of Atletico Madrid, Martinez of Everton and Klopp at Dortmund the pressure is on Mourinho to produce either a title or a good tilt at the Champions League, an FA Cup or worse is unlikely to save him from a second departure from Chelsea.

When he took over last summer he referred to himself as the “Happy One” but that didn’t last long, he took the pressure off the squad and himself by suggesting that they weren’t ready to challenge but he has no such luxury now and he now looks to be the “Nervous One”

Maybe this is a little off topic for a site dedicated to Tottenham but we are one of the top 5/6 and now go into every season with a realistic chance of finishing in one of the Champions League places, we have done so twice in recent years and finished well ahead of Chelsea in doing so on one occasion so to report on what we believe might be the demise or troubles of a competitor makes all the others around us fair game.

6 to “The pressure is on Mourinho and it shows.”

  1. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    He is c**t. . He will fine some other reasons for his failure

  2. Gunner4ever says:

    Top 4? Are you high? There’s no way Tottenham would get into top 4,not even the slightest chance.

    • Tony says:

      are you a complete prick? take a look at the final league table 2009/10 and then tell me who finished 4th, have a look 2011/12 and again Spurs were 4th 5 points ahead of chelsea in 6th. I suggest you worry about your own position in the CL because you are nowhere as big or as successful as United or chelsea and they have both finished behind us in the last 4/5 seasons. That shadow you keep talking about is disappearing fast.

    • Bob says:

      there’s always an idiot and gunner4ever is it. Two top four finishes in past 5 seasons and right on your tail every time. Is panic beginning to set in? Don’t think sanchez and ozil will save you, £80m on no more than above average players and not good enough for the best teams.

  3. Gunner says:

    If mourinho fails to win one of the big two this year he’s off 90 million is alot to spend without success I know the have made a lot of money from sales but that’s beside the point I for one hope he goes can’t stant the clown. As for gunner4ever I’m sure he is trying to wind ye up we all know Tottenham have a very realistic chance of finishing in top 4 also think Everton will be knocking on the door really like Martinez top class manager unlike the scum the chavs have

    • Tony says:

      It.s been 4 seasons with only 1 cup and 1 la liga to his name, at 2 massive clubs and after spending so much and buying pretty much who you want he has failed miserably. His star has faded and he just seems to be becoming an odd and moody, he is making some strange decisions and the re signing of drogba and release of lukaku is the oddest. How can he say Lukaku was not prepared to fight for a place at Chelsea they have loaned him out last 2 seasons and announced signing of costa before world cup! Strange man in decline.

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