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The question is Lamela or Chadli?

Posted on December 26, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

With the appointment of Tim Sherwood comes a coach that, at the moment at least, is happy and content to trust the younger less experienced players. Against Southampton in what was his first premiership game in charge of the team some might have questioned whether Erik Lamela should have started the game, here was a player struggling to settle into the way of life, the football and the language, gone was the coach who could at least speak the same language and in his place came Tim Sherwood who speaks something like “Del Boy” barking out instruction.

We can all see that Lamela might one day become a very special talent, some of the things he does even now when struggling for form excites the imagination, against Tromso in the Europa League he produced some moments of magic that only special players are capable of, he was kicked from pillar to post and actually seemed to enjoy that attention. He played for an hour or so against Southampton and while there were only a few magic moments of offensive action he worked for the team and was never afraid to put his foot in or challenge all over the pitch.

Will Sherwood stick with the youngster Lamela today?

Will Sherwood stick with the youngster Lamela today?

When Lamela was withdrawn Sherwood threw on Nacer Chadli and for probably the first time we saw him operate on the right, hugging the line and working up and down the flank, he did not disappoint and in a short space of time built up a good understanding with Kyle Walker, he was a constant source of concern for the Southampton rearguard, created three chances including a ball into the box that a confident Roberto Soldado would normally snap up. To be fair to Chadli he was one of the few who did reasonably well against Liverpool on that awful day and has continued with some impressive form.

Tim Sherwood now has a difficult decision to make, does he stick with Erik Lamela who probably needs that sort of encouragement and game time to bring out the best of him and help the settling in process, or does he choose Chadli who is closing in on a very decent run of form. Both players as we know are capable of operating in different positions and Sherwood could decide to incorporate them both in his team at the expense of another, it is going to be interesting to see which if any he chooses. If the decision were mine then I would stand by Lamela as long term it could be of greater benefit to both him and Tottenham if he were to settle.

3 to “The question is Lamela or Chadli?”

  1. lou says:

    Sherwood chose wrong

  2. lou says:

    Sherwood gets the job and adebayor stops playing

  3. Caleb says:

    After watching the highlights it shows how if Sherwood keeps playing such an attacking formation, other teams will get chances like the vydra ones yesterday when in all honestly it could and maybe should have been 2-0

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