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The question is-Where is our manager?

Posted on March 30, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

The travelling Tottenham faithful were at the game and presumably had a decent view on the day but even they were asking the question “where is our manager” as Tim Sherwood remained glued to his seat in the stands so as to get a panoramic view of the team he put together and sent out to face Liverpool. Everytime the cameras panned to him he was seen shaking his head, presumably preparing more excuses to protect his reputation, a reputation surely in tatters even to those die-hards in the media who somehow believe that he has done a reasonable job and deserves to be given the job in long term.

Let’s be honest, as the weeks have gone by the team has continued to deteriorate and have lost their identity, some of his team choices have been strange to say the least and he is not slow to blame the players for many of his own misgivings. As soon as the team was announced most fans immediately questioned the lineup, once again Eriksen was employed on the left playing into the hands of Liverpool and immediately that was obvious and contributed towards the first minute goal. There was no defensive midfielder, players out of position and more obvious it was quickly clear that a few of the chosen team were not up for the task ahead.

If nothing else it was crystal clear today that Sherwood is not the answer and is nowhere near up to the task, he has lost most of the players, has now proven beyond doubt that he cannot motivate the team, he certainly cannot put a team together for the big games and cannot even be trusted to take up a position on the touchline.

Thankfully he bowed out of appearing in front of the cameras possibly so as to bawl out the players but hopefully rather to speak to Daniel Levy to finally admit that he really is not up to the task, if nothing else today was clearly final proof, if any more was actually needed, that he is devoid of experience, personality, ability, coaching skills and man management for any top job and how he was ever considered for the Tottenham position is beyond comprehension.

If anybody heard the Tottenham chants in the second half they were concise, we have no manager worthy of the name and the performance was poor, worse still the pundits before the game started pointed to the fact that the players did not appear to be up to the challenge and were relaxed rather than fired up, few seemed passionate about the game and though Kaboul was left exposed by his fellow players time and again at least played with heart, more than can be said of Lennon, and one or two others on the day.

Now is the time to end this association with Sherwood who seems to be endangering the situation with a number of players who are being humiliated and marginalised within the group and though there is no obvious temporary coach to take over for the remainder of the season there is nothing left to play for and most would rather anybody provided it is clearly only until the end of the season.

While Brendan Rodgers is still urging patience for Sherwood speculation is growing that he might well be gone before the day is out, fingers crossed.



6 to “The question is-Where is our manager?”

  1. tom says:

    What a shambles we have become under Sherwood, already 9 defeats and elimination from three cups in double quick time. The goals are really flowing now though but the problem is they are now pretty much all against. Rather than improve under him the team is getting far worse and there is no pattern or continuity. Adebayor wasn’t ready to play because of a cut they thought might become infected, have they heard of anti biotics?

  2. Bigh says:

    Sadly this has all been inevitable. Clueless Sherwood never fails to dish up his ridiculous team selection week after week. This was always going to be tough, but it is clear from the players attitudes and body language he has lost the dressing room. All sorts of rumours about players not wanting to play for him and even that he will be sacked very soon. He will be and hopefully van haal will take over. If not, I would go for martinez. Irrespective of all of this Levi has a lot to answer for and that is where we need to see change

    • Tony says:

      Most of us knew it from day one but for some reason the media just love him. Gradually performances and team selection has worsened until the inevitable end. Perhaps someone else will see his “potential” but I doubt it. Of course Levy must accept responsibility for what has been the most ridiculous football decision he ever made. The entire Sherwood/Redknapp mob should now be shipped out.

  3. Spurs fan for life says:

    Sherwood is on the verge of being sacked along with the other donkey ferdinand sherwood punched danny rose in the face in a scrap with him down the tunnel at anfield levy is taking the alligations very seriousley aparrentley. I say good i hate sherwood he is useless god only knows why he got the job anyway levy has a lot to answer for this season

  4. Anonymous says:

    sherwood out

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