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“The signing will happen on the day that Mr. Levy wishes it to” Marca.

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Eddie S

The latest news from Real Madrid’s puppet paper Marca suggests that they are at long last beginning to get the message, Perez might like to think that he always gets his man and whilst it might again be the case, they all now know that it is only if and when Daniel Levy says so, and only then on his terms.

If and when Gareth Bale does join Real Madrid clearly the decision will belong to Tottenham, go back a couple of months and the fee was being set at something like £40m and at that figure Bale and Barnett realised that Levy would not even respond to an offer, the fee then increased in increments of £10m until the record was exceeded, at that point Perez obviously considered that Levy would buckle , not so and therefore it was necessary for some dirty tricks to be employed.

Daniel Levy didn’t even blink and weeks later there has been nothing doing, Tottenham have continued to go about their business of improving the squad, but now if reports are to be believed there might at long last be an agreement in place, it is believed that Madrid will cough up £93m as a one off payment and include Coentrao in the deal, a player who cost them £25m in 2011.

At the moment Bale is still a Tottenham player,  if it wasn’t clear before it should be by now that if Daniel Levy feels it better for the club to retain any players services then he will stand firm, his focus is entirely on the club as a whole as it should be. Many people seem to believe that players are slaves to clubs but when they sign a contract for a period it does work both ways, it protects the player and the club. New contracts signed are never simply for a longer period but also for considerably more money, if Bale is forced to see out his contract why should he be afforded sympathy when he is earning many millions each year and has done for years before.

Tottenham might be a one man team but that man is Daniel Levy.

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