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The “Special One” returns to the Lane on Saturday to take on Mourinho.

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Tony

When he first joined Chelsea Jose Mourinho soon became known as the “Special One” because that is what he said he was, in his time in South London he created a fantastic winning mentality at the club, acquired great players and with that came success and lots of it. When he left to take over at Inter Milan he took that special quality with him and achieved even greater success including the Champions League trophy once again.

From Milan Mourinho took over at Real Madrid which many expected to be the perfect match for him, a club willing to spend vast sums of money on the best players on the planet led by arguably the best coach on the planet. That quickly turned sour and but for a single cup win and a title his three years in Madrid was fraught with problems and infighting.

Fortunately for both Chelsea and Mourinho there was no other choice for either party that they should link up again, Chelsea had exhausted the supply of good coaches available having previously sacked them all, including Mourinho, while United turned to Moyes rather than Mourinho as some expected, no doubt put off by the problems at Madrid.

It just looks right for he newly elected "Special One"

It just looks right for he newly elected “Special One”

With Mourinho’s appointment at Chelsea he then declared himself to be the “Happy One” which is probably fortuitous for him as we are probably about to witness Andre Villa-Boas take over his mantle as the “Special One”.

AVB took over at Tottenham a little over a year ago and despite the loss of the teams best player and playmaker Luka Modric he simply got on with the task of coaching his squad, what transpired was a record points haul and the loss of fourth place by the narrowest of margins, more than that many players improved their performance guided by him, none more so than Gareth Bale who was then sold for a world record fee and the money reinvested to create another new squad.

After just nine fixtures in three different competitions his team have recorded eight wins and only one defeat, just as memorable is the fact that only one goal has been conceded, most unlike Tottenham, you might think that such a formidable defensive record would mean that Tottenham’s renowned attacking style might have been forfeited, you would be wrong as Tottenham have also become the most offensive team in the land with the number of shots on goal, on target, chances created and possession percentage to prove it.

The "Happy One" !!!!!!!!!

The “Happy One” !!!!!!!!!

Of course the irony in all this and what pleases the Tottenham faithful so much is that player power apparently resulted in Chelsea sacking AVB after just seven months in charge and Daniel Levy stepped in. Tottenham and AVB do not yet have the financial clout of Chelsea and so for the time being remain disadvantaged, they do have a special coach and a special squad of players, the best that Tottenham have ever assembled, whether they can make it count this season or it is still a little early remains to be seen but at this moment Tottenham are making a real fist of it.

11 to “The “Special One” returns to the Lane on Saturday to take on Mourinho.”

  1. mick says:

    Mourinho has certainly turned into the victor meldrew of football of late, what a difference to the gloating , smirking face of the willian press call.

  2. craig says:

    Abramovitch and all those Chelsea players must be feeling embarrassed at the moment. I doubt there is a better coach in the game right now and hopefully he will stay and see it through to titles and Champions League success with Spurs.

    • Tony says:

      The last part will take a few years yet but he probably is the best about right now. Hope he enjoys the Spurs challenge and sticks around, he could become a legend at the Lane.

  3. eric says:

    We are in great form and there are not,also we play at home so if win it will send a strong message to all our rivals and the team confidence will be much more.No better time to beat a fellow title rival

  4. 5th again says:

    When he achieves what wenger has achieved and completely transforms the stadium league titles 4th most valued club in the world then he can b called the special one for now do he is just another decent manager

    • eric says:

      An ambitious club like ours can’t go a decade without a trophy.We have net profits for 2 consecutive transfer windows n just see the quality we bought.I respect Wenger but keeping him as a benchmark is aiming way too low than we are capable of

      • craig says:

        Wenger was a breath of fresh air when he arrived and used his knowledge of the French youth to create some great years for the arsenal, now he has been caught and passed.8 years with mothing for the 4th richest club in the world, what’s that all about, nearly as bad as RM.

    • craig says:

      there you go again.when wenger started at arsenal he had 10yrs managerial experience and won a title and cup in france, AVB has had 2 full seasons and a couple of short stints as a coach and has won 4 trophies. In the here and now he is far more successful than Wenger(8 years) and please stop telling us that wenger built your new stadium it’s BS. with 17 yrs in CL they are entitled to be highly valued. give it 4 years and Spurs will be up with you on that and have their stadium. we wont tell you that our coach built it keep kidding yourselves how wonderful he is, he was but not any more.

    • whlspur says:

      It gets right under your skin that Spurs are the team in now. It’s been 8 years when are you going to realise it’s over. Every top 5 club in the world has at least won something in the last 8 years except arsenal. even wigan and Birmingham and they were relegated.if wenger is still so wonderful why not you. all your stars have gone because of it and the only reason it didn’t happen this summer is because you haven’t got any must have players any more. Ozil won’t stick around if you don’ t get have been warned.COYS

  5. whlspur says:

    I’ll take that.

  6. Tony says:

    Excellent that’s probably as good as we’re going to get but good enough.Cheers.

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