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The Suarez conundrum

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Tony

It certainly seems that Suarez is determined to leave Liverpool before this transfer window closes, initially his wishes to escape the British media did tend to make sense even though most people know that all his problems with them stem from his own strange behavior.

Over the course of the summer it has always seemed likely that Suarez would be heading to Real Madrid, but the situation regarding Gareth Bale has perhaps altered the landscape and no longer seems the likelihood. The leaders for his signature has now switched to Arsenal, who have made two confirmed bids, and his stance has now changed to the need to play Champions League football, something that Liverpool are aiming to achieve in twelve months time.

More recently Tottenham have also been added to the equation as, armed with what could be £100m from the sale of Gareth Bale, Suarez becomes very affordable and would be expected to easily replace the goals lost if Bale is sold.

From a football lovers point of view whilst Suarez has his issues regarding what is considered acceptable behavior, he is a very exciting talent and one of the finest footballers in the world, to lose him and,  as seems likely, Gareth Bale to La Liga or any other foreign league would be a disaster for the Premier League. Already Premier League clubs have lost out to French clubs for some outstanding talent like  Falcao, Cavani, Moutinho, Higuain and Rodriguez, Chelsea, City and Tottenham have picked up some excellent players but the really big buys have been elsewhere with perhaps the two biggest to Madrid yet to come.

Liverpool are in a difficult position, if they felt compelled to sell the unhappy Suarez then they would much prefer to sell to another league altogether, Liverpool were one of the original “Sky Four” and always in the Champions League and they are working their way back to being in a position to compete for a top four place again. Keeping Suarez and the goals he guarantees will help them enormously but to agree to his sale to Arsenal or Tottenham would almost certainly have the opposite effect and ensure one or other not simply a top four position but quite possibly a title shot.

Manchester City and Chelsea apart this transfer window is becoming a nightmare for most other top clubs, of course Tottenham and Arsenal have become quite used to fighting to keep their best players year on year, but when a club like Manchester United also struggle to buy or retain top players it does not bode well for the English Premier League.


6 to “The Suarez conundrum”

  1. Thierry says:

    Hahahaha, funny how you fail to mention that Spurs cannot offer him the thing you stated he wants…CL football. Suarez to Spurs? Please dont make me chuckle.

    • Tony says:

      does he actually know what he wants other than more money, first escape media, then CL, who knows! He will stay with liverpool or go to madrid they now seem his only options and then only if madrid have any money left. By the way when do you think fabregas and rooney will be announcing their arrival at arsenal!

  2. Thierry says:

    Not sure mate to be honest, were in for rooney i know that, depends if united decide to sell to us or chelsea. Fabregas will be back this season, thats what im told, if its not this one then the contract he has signed must be for next season, its that simple. Staying with liverpool or going to Madrid are his only options? When Madrid dont want him? They have catergorically stated that, they do not want Suarez. Liverpool cannot keep suarez, he wants out, has made it publicly clear, he has burnt his bridges with them now and theres now way back, we are the ONLY team in for him. So no, staying at LFC is not an option for him whatsoever, and neither is going to Madrid.

    • Tony says:

      Neither is Arsenal as Liverpool consider themselves to be a top four team and bigger than arsenal. Unfortunately for you and suarez Liverpool can and will keep him and the only possible way out is to a foreign team.It looks like it’s suarez or nothing now for arsenal so it will be nothing as it will not happen.Be honest all these stars don’t seem likely to happen now do they, rooney is Chelsea or nothing and fabregas will stay at barca. Liverpool give up any chance of 4th for years to come if they sell to any EPL team especially arsenal or spurs and owner knows that. it is certainly looking like another season of broken promises for everybody connected to arsenal.

  3. Thierry says:

    Tony mate you do make me laugh. So Suarez will stay will he? At a club where he does not want to play? There not even in europe, hes 26, he wants to play at top level, we can offer him that plus better wages. LFC said the same about Torres, 3 days before they sold him to chelsea, as much as LFC fans hate it, we are not their direct rivals. So LFC will keep a player whos unhappy, unsettling the whole team, and who has publicly rubbished Rodgers? LFC fans outside the training ground shouting ” fuck off to arsenal” at him as he drives past? Its naive to think he will stay there now. Stick Suarez on his own into the arsenal team and we are challengers, he knows that, simple. Add Gustavo to that mix and were more than capable.

    • Tony says:

      we aim to amuse.You say he wants to play at top level so where do you suggest he goes?bayern or barca. Liverpool, want top 4 so there is no chance that they will sell to arsenal as they are the most vulnerable of last years top 4, because of this you are their direct rivals and as they hold all the cards suarez has no say on the subject for the period left on his contract.the only challenge you will make is for a top four place as the title is a million miles away with your squad.

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