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The top 7 after the window closes.

Posted on September 02, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

The transfer window has now closed and there will be mixed reaction from supporters up and down the country as to their clubs success or failure, here at JTN we have been making our own observations as to how the top 7 from last season have been faring along the process, now it’s over here is our assessment:-

Manchester United– Wow what can you say about their transfer business in this window but speaking as a Spurs supporterthank goodness Van Gaal turned us down or perhaps we saw sense before it was too late. They have spent well over £200m this year alone and close to that in this transfer window and have still not addressed the most pressing of issues in central midfield and defence. Yesterdays news that they had loaned Falcao for a season for just £6m seemed to good to be true until you realise his wages are another £18m because of the different taxation systems in the UK to Monaco. I really don’t see any method only madness in their transfer dealings. Three at the back can work if you have excellent players capable to play it, United haven’t. It seems that United are trying to go the “Galacticos” route the only problem being none of them are actually quite good enough, especially in the Premier League where your Burnley, Hull and Leicester types don’t care about reputation. Disaster in the making with supporters soon calling for the return of Moyes. United have got 2 players that wanted to be at Real Madrid, Di Maria has said he didn’t want to leave and Falcao pushed to go there. United now have 5 Prima Donnas who between them earn about £1.4 m every week. Disgusting.

Tottenham Hotspur– I get the distinct feeling that had the window closed on Saturday or had Tottenham managed a better result against Liverpool supporters would have been happy with the outcome of this window, upgrades in the areas needed, many of last seasons buys already showing signs of improvement and 4 wins from 5. All summer there have been demands for replacing Dawson and Rose bringing in defensive recruits and Schneiderlin to bolster central midfield, the club did all of that though had to give up their quest for Schneiderlin because Southampton refused to do business, Stamboui seems a decent alternative. Beyond that it was the need for another striker though if Pochettino thinks he has enough and he can get back the real Soldado who are we to argue? How many of us truly wanted Welbeck? not many and certainly not as a striker. Now that Dawson, Sandro and Holtby have gone some seem upset and believe the heart has gone from the team, in the last 18mths how many times have those players been chosen to start regularly? Admiration and respect for them all but if we want to improve difficult decisions needed to be made and their will be more.

Everton– Not much if anything has changed in the last week other than establishing themselves as the team to watch if you want to see goals. 7 for and 10 against suggests that they needed more defensive recruits with younger legs but in the end they failed in their attempts to bring in Tom Cleverley. Everton and Martinez will find a way to tighten up and I stand by my assessment that they will be a little stronger than last season and finish clear of United and possibly even close to Liverpool.

Arsenal– Their supporters and all the expert pundits and ex Arsenal players had been advocating the need for another central defender and a top quality defensive midfield player throughout the summer, bringing in such players after securing the services of Sanchez was the key to a title challenge, they had been linked to many players such as Khedira and Schneiderlin and the Greek centre back amongst others one Vermaelen left, more recently once it became  obvious that Sanchez is not a striker as was suggested and with the injury to Giroud a striker was added to their wishlist and that need became more apparent when they played Leicester. they ended the window with none of the aforementioned , only Danny Welbeck in a vain attempt to placate their supporters once again. they will have probably pulled the wool over their eyes again and they will laud Welbeck just like they cheered when it was annnounced that he had not had a medical at Arsenal yesterday. A terrible window for Arsenal that might leave them struggling for 4th and why? Wenger says they can now compete again yet Guillem Balague said yesterday they only wanted a defensive midfielder and had a budget of £7/8m! Why so different this year, simple, Wenger has his 3 year contract and can ignore supporters again. Why did Wellbeck join Arsenal over all the others?  £105k pw and they will say they didn’t panic.

Chelsea- All the pundits seem convinced that Chelsea have made the best of this transfer window and it would be hard to suggest otherwise. Fabregas and Costa have both made a huge impression on the team and their performances so far, when Torres decided to escape to Milan they quickly moved for Remy so covering all angles. They remain  my joint favourites for the title though I still harbour doubts over their options in central defence, Everton hit them for three and had their defence been better and had Chelsea not got the breaks things might have been different.

Liverpool–  Despite a good performance at Tottenham on Sunday I am still not convinced as to their credentials this season, they still rely heavily on Sturridge and Sterling and even though Balotelli was ok he was not what you would call clinical in taking his chances, fact is he didn’t hit the target and frequently turned over the ball. the team that started the game on Sunday was probably their first choice though Skirtel might force his way back in, either way he is no world beater. I would suggest that they were at the top of their game and though I have to agree that they looked better than expected it is still both them and Arsenal most at risk of falling out of Champions League contention.

Manchester City– I still believe that they will be the team to beat come the end of the season though I cannot explain their defeat at the weekend nor that they have allowed Negredo to leave on loan without signing a replacement, it can only be FFP that prevented them doing so. If I have any concerns over City it is if Yaya Toure goes missing for any length of time because of injury, form or attitude.

Take a look at our previous article , it certainly seems to have been reasonably accurate come close of play.

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5 to “The top 7 after the window closes.”

  1. Bob says:

    If the spurs supporters think they have problems just have a look over on an arsenal site , read the article and the comments, maybe it is beginning to sink in with some of them. as for united supporters most of them are too thick to understand rhat their club have simply spent money to appease them and they are a long way off top 4 still. JVG will be gone by Xmas overated and too big an ego.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a bit hypocritical after the way spurs fans stabbed their last two managers in the back on this site. Looking forward to a few more losses for you so you can do it again. Agree with you on man united new manager , here’s hoping for a swift exit for him.

  3. Shane says:

    Lvg trolled spurs. Heard his comments?? Lol

    • Tony says:

      Don’t you just love him, whenever a player or coach is in trouble they try to find way to ingratiate themselves with supporters, he’s in deep trouble.

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