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The two players lost to Tottenham.

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Eddie S

For the past three or four transfer windows the two players continuously associated with a transfer to Tottenham who, for whatever reason, failed to turn up in North London are Leandro Damiao of Brazilian club Internacional and Miralem Pjanic of Roma.

Damiao has apparently been the most sought after player what with Tottenham having such urgent need of an extra striker for as long as we can remember, Daniel Levy has, we are told, made countless offers and attempts to secure the services of the player but for some reason no deal has been struck. His club are very fond of telling anybody who will listen that they will only release the player for an exhorbitant sum because the demand for him is so strong, and yet he still remains in Brazil.damiao Damiao has by all accounts been on the wanted list of many clubs in England Germany and Italy but none of them seem to value the player quite as highly as Internacional and that remains the stumbling block as well as his wage demands.

It is a similar situation with Pjanic who was wanted even when Harry Redknapp was in charge as well as when AVB took over, many thought that once Franco Baldini left Roma and took up his position at Tottenham that he would be the playmaker that they would target, not at the price demanded obviously and so Christian Eriksen signed on at less than half the amount and with a CV of similar quality.

Tottenham did once have a need, some might say a desperation for these two players, now those days have passed and so too the opportunity that they might become a part of the Tottenham revolution that now seems to be taking place, Tottenham though have moved on and addressed the situation, in fact it could bepjanic argued that in the case of Damiao his star has been totally extinguished as he seems to have fallen from grace as a targeted striker and as his countries great hope. Not so for Pjanic who is still putting in the performances for club and country but Tottenham now have Christian Eriksen and Lewis Holtby to comfortably fill the void.

I don’t suppose we shall ever learn the truth of the matter in either case, if there was ever a serious opportunity to buy the players, whether they were really wanted or were prepared to join Tottenham, whatever the situation was it is now doubtful that either of the two will ever now wear the shirt of Tottenham.

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  1. 5th again says:

    Looking forward to seeing arsenal in cl again this week cOYG

    • Scraggs says:

      yeah of course you are and if you manage to finish 3rd in the group then after Xmas you will be hoping to avoid Spurs in the UEFA Cup, if not just the FA Cup and fourth to play for as usual, make the most of it because it’s coming to an end soon. COYS,TTID

    • Tony says:

      make the most of it no CL after Xmas.

  2. steve says:

    surely you must be getting a little bored with just making up the numbers. Stick to the League Cup if I were you and hope not to meet Birmingham at any stage. losers.

    • the spiral says:

      whats wrong with the league cup? after all thats all the spudddies have won in 20 years. Of course of course it’ll all be different this year

      • steve says:

        Nothing wrong with the league cup afterall Spurs and Birmingham have won it in the last 8 years, wouldn’t mind betting Arsenal would be happy with winning even the emirates cup, you havn’t won that since 2010.try noughts and crosses.

      • Tony says:

        yidette This is for all you sour gooners about to be devasted by Tottenham success this season. It sums up exactly what we all think about the intruders in North London.

  3. whlspur says:

    you would be better off watching a proper team on Thursday and one about to make just ten changes. Arsenal try doing that and bould will have to play at CH or perhaps you ought to give a new contract to Tony Adams he is still you best bet as back up.

  4. eric says:

    forget damiao n get benteke

    • Tony says:

      Unless Villa pull their socks up that’s not unreasonable .

      • eric says:

        if they continue to struggle they may consider selling him since relegation may loom n benteke will have to ponder his future as well.Also only we can guarantee him game time from among the top teams

        • Tony says:

          if they are in relegation trouble they will need to keep him but if relatively safe but mid table it’s possible his new deal does give him an out if certain levels are not maintained. i agree he would be amazing.

          • eric says:

            but wouldn’t that be a risk considering the fact that his price would fall once they are relegated? m hoping him or dzeko.He’s a long term prospect so I him we spend on him

          • Tony says:

            you might be right but staying up is worth far more than even a £10m reduction in value, they say it’s worth £60m or more.

    • steve says:

      damiao has always been overated by his club and the player himself. Levy might have paid realistic price and wages but he has missed his chance.

  5. BigH says:

    Why are pae### pervs on this site. Ckoff back to woolwich u maggots

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