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The wolves are circling around Bale.

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Eddie S

Gareth Bale has not even been able to meet his teammates or be involved in a training session following his move to Real Madrid and already all the talk surrounding his move is negative.

His own teammates are up in arms over the sale of Mesut Ozil who has made way for Bale, not necessarily positionally but to make room in the squad, balance the setup and more importantly raise funds to offset such an enormous outlay.

Rio Ferdinand has questioned the wisdom of his move while Ronaldo remains with Real Madrid, as he points out and as we have said in various JTN articles, Ronaldo is still the main man at the club in the eyes of the coach, players and more importantly the fans. Ronaldo will simply carry on being the focal point of the team and will choose to take all the dead balls anywhere within range of goal, he will be the player that the team will look to on the field of play if the creation of a goal is in the offing. Gareth Bale was the main man at Tottenham last season and with that responsibility came the main striking duties, he had more efforts on goal than any other player with 73 on target, a large number of those from free kicks which will be lost to him, and with that large number on target come 2 or 3 times as many off target. will the players, especially Ronaldo, and fans of Madrid be so accepting?

Bale needs goals to really succeed at Madrid and to truly capture the imagination of their public, for the first time last season he succeeded in scoring a decent number but as THE main attacking threat that the team was set up to accomodate, that won’t be the case at Madrid with at least two or three ahead of him in the pecking order on any given day. Not only does Gareth Bale need to score upwards of twenty goals in his first season it is also imperative that Ronaldo also maintains his scoring rate or Bale will soon cop the flak.

Surprisingly Zidane has now openly admitted that the fee was far to much and far beyond what he felt right and fair, as he was the perpetrator of the move and spoke of paying whatever it takes to buy the best you wonder what is now behind his comments. Perhaps Madrid expected Ronaldo to move on and his staying has caused them problems, perhaps they are saying all these things because the have tipped the ego of Ronaldo over the edge. to my knowledge he has not signed a new contract and with less than 2 years remaining they could be about to take a huge hit on his fee if he does not sign.

The latest news will be the most worrying for Perez as it appears that the signing of Bale has not lit up the tills, Ozil kit is outstripping Bale’s by about five to one. Selling kits is the main method of reclaiming the outlay, in the past they say that Ronaldo paid his fee back within 2 years but it looks like this might just be the one that costs them badly. If you have seen the footage of the welcome Beckham and Ronaldo received and compare those scenes to the relatively limp turnout for Bale, 10,000 -20,000 it might have been and still impressive but not the 50/60,000 or more for the others.

Much as his actions have disrespected Tottenham and their supporters Gareth Bale did provide us with many great moments and consequently the hope is that he will succeed as he does not deserve for his career to be ruined by the possible poor judgement of his advisers who have lined their pockets.

Gareth Bale is a special talent and it would be foolish to deny so, his sale and the amount involved has enabled Tottenham to fill their squad with top quality players that will hopefully ensure a real challenge for silverware this season, having said all that there remains the fear that he has chosen wrongly both in the timing of his departure and the club he has chosen, Real Madrid are a club that have overseen the failure of so many others like Kaka, Sahin, Owen, Van de Vaart and even Robben, the list goes on.

We shouldn’t worry too much of course as the £8m or so cut of the transfer fee, another £90m in wages over 6 years together with all his other advertising contracts will ensure that he doesn’t want for anything ever.


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