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There can only be 2 winners tonight.

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Tony

And so the next fixture on the calendar is another of huge proportion, if Arsenal defeat Wigan tonight themselves and Sunderland will be the fortunate winners, Arsenal because they will regain 4th position in the league and retain control of their destiny and Sunderland as they would be safe from relegation worries. If Wigan should get the win they and Tottenham would both be winners as top four destiny would be handed back to AVB and his players and Wigan would face a final showdown at home to Villa needing a win to survive.Even a draw would hand the initiative to Tottenham and Sunderland.

It is probably fair to say that other than the supporters of Sunderland, Aston Villa and Arsenal most of the country will be behind Wigan following their thrilling FA Cup win over moneybags Manchester City on Saturday, even before that Wigan, Dave Whelan, Roberto Martinez and their players have been a credit to the game, they play football the right way with the emphasis on skill and build up rather than the long ball. A win for Wigan would also make for fantastic viewing come the final round of games next week when top four and the final relegation place would be there to play for.

Should Wigan actually do the unthinkable or even draw it would still leave them a mathematical chance of survival but would again put Tottenham in the driving seat, not since they faced a tricky away game against West Ham all those years ago when Tottenham, coached by Martin Jol found themselves having to contend with a bout of food poisoning and a difficult fixture to win the day has the opportunity arisen. We know that they failed on that occasion but it would be nice to think that their luck might turn and they have the opportunity to put things right.

Last season Tottenham had to contend with cruel luck and became the first and only team to finish in the league qualifying position to be excluded from the Champions League, then it was a last minute goal from Drogba and a backs to the wall effort from a Chelsea team that in all honesty fought every inch and every second of every fixture to win the day. Reluctantly, huge  credit is due Chelsea even though it cost Tottenham their involvement, the extra revenue and almost certainly the services of Luka Modric.

Maybe the gods are about to reward Tottenham with a result this evening that actually goes in their favour, it will not mean guaranteed entry or 4th place as that must still be earned with a victory over Sunderland in their last game, the opportunity though would be welcomed and perhaps even deserved.

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