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There has been no reported interest in any Arsenal player but a different story at Spurs.

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Scraggs

Having scoured through all the newspapers and articles relating to transfer targets of all Premiership clubs, as well as the big clubs across Europe and I can find very little interest in any of the Arsenal squad, there is a small piece on Marouane Chamakh who is being considered for a return to his old club Bordeaux but only if it is on a free transfer!

In the other half of North London Tottenham continue to fight off interest in many of their players, Bale to just about any club that could afford £60m plus, Lennon to Milan, Lloris to one of the Spanish giants, Kaboul to the wealthy Russians when fit, similarly Sandro to an Italian powerhouse, youngsters Danny Rose and Andros Townsend  to Liverpool and Swansea respectively, even an underperforming Adebayor is in demand at Monaco with Benni wanted at PSG.  Meanwhile JanVertonghen has proven himself good enough to play at any of the top clubs in Europe having been chosen in the Premiership team of the year at the first time of asking.

To be fair to Arsenal if Wilshire had not been injured for so long and been able to consistently show the form he is capable of one or two clubs would have been knocking on his door to sign for them so it is not all bad news, Walcott could have signed for any club in January for nothing but even at that price there were no takers which was a little unfair I thought.

Still there is plenty of time yet, once Arsenal have signed a new keeper surely somebody will be interested in the services of Szczesny and Bendtner will soon be back looking for a new club before his contract expires next year. There have been reports that Arsenal hope to sell a number of players freeing up more than £350,000pw from the wage bill, apart from Arshavin who will leave because his contract has expired just who have they got that might interest anybody and who would match the wages that they are on?

So there we have the contrast and the reality of the situation irrespective of how the table looks, Tottenham fighting to keep their stars and Arsenal fighting to dispose of their underachievers, Tottenham on the rise and Arsenal in a state of decline and needing to spend a fortune to keep up with Tottenham.



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  1. Waiswa says:

    A pathetic effort to console yourselves. When all’s said and done though, you remain firmly IN OUR SHADOW. We don’t mind having ‘unsellable’ players, provided they maintain the gap.

  2. yidarmy says:

    When you say unsellable players you mainly mean unwanted by the better clubs. Wilshire apart Arsenal have the level of player that suits their ability, no trophies and no hopers the others have jumped ship. In your shadow ’till now but about to be ECLIPSED (get it?)

    • whlspur says:

      If you don’t like it don’t read it this is afterall a Tottenham site. They say the truth hurts and the gooners know it is only a matter of time before they fall behind Spurs, how embarrassing for a club with £100m more turnover and a wage bill 50% higher. Oh where did it all go wrong Arsenal?

  3. GoonerPower says:

    Hahahahhahahhaha, this is so so so sad, wow I feel pity for tottenham fans, just go and cry. This is such a funny effort to console yourselves that u still can’t surpass arsenal with our worst ever squad and you guys best ever pL team. Hahahaha… Mind the gap little club. At our weakest, building the best stadium, with the debt, still nothing for u guys. It’s quite a shame!!! And you haven’t even started on your stadium, you might end up in relegation if you guys do. And mind you we have conmercial deals coming up soon that u can ony dream off. Wow it feels so good to troll. first time ever

  4. Yankee Gooner says:

    I am trolling sites to for the first time. I was very disappointed in Arsenal’s overall team performance and finish of the EPL season but…come on…this is a Tottenham website. At the very least us Gunners can revel a bit in success. You all however have struggles ahead on multiple fronts…AND you guys didn’t qualify for CL…and you all will probably lose Gareth Bale…and you all have multiple economic deficits (stadium, lack of significant sponsors, etc.). Do you all really have to go off half-cocked and frame the Arsenal v. Tottenham discussion in a way so ridicolous because you all can’t find any other adequate coping mechanisms??? Really??? Truth be told, Arenal made a lot of mistakes…A LOT of mistakes…but you SPUDS have not been able to take advantage of what was gift wrapped for you. That is much more a critique of your own sad club than it is of our historic club. PleaseSpuds…PLEASE…hold off on the criticisms of giants when you all are still playing little league. Good luck in the Europa Cup.
    Fifthenham Luke-Warm Spurs for life.

    • tom says:

      “revel in success” come on 4th place is success!!! wenger has pulled the wool over your eyes. All I can see is fear, panic and struggle if the Arsenal level of success is now based solely on finishing ahead of Spurs. Please don’t throw up history because Spurs have every bit as much as you. Arsenal in decline, ex-giant of football and treading water as Spurs replace them. Last season of Wenger, last season of Champions League and last season ahead of Spurs. It’s happening.

      • Yankee Gooner says:

        I’ve heard this rant before…

        • Tony says:

          And you will hear a lot more of it because it’s true. Read the reports from the gooners AGM and how unhappy the majority of your supporters are. By Wengers own admission a top 4 spot is like winning a trophy, well good luck the last 8 years have been fantastic for you and still your best players have jumped ship. Higuain was supposed to have been one of your major signings and it depended on which of the N.London clubs got CL. It looks like he still didn’t fancy your lot and seems to have plumped for Italy instead. Please don’t kid yourselves, Arsenal have gone from undefeated champions of England to also rans in the past 8 seasons, all of your world class players have left for success and Spurs have are now right on your tail from being forty odd points behind, unless your own supporters acknowledge that something must be done then you will deserve everything coming your way because Tottenham won’t let up now.Spurs are not just intent on beating Arsenal but also have Chelsea and City in their sights with just 6 points separating.To be quite honest for Spurs fans it is not just about beating Arsenal, we know that will happen soon, we want a trophy and to challenge for the title and we don’t really care if it’s City, Arsenal, Chelsea or United who make way in the CL for us.

          • Yankee Gooner says:

            That is a pretty lengthy and well thought out analysis of AFC. Let me simplify:

            1. Is AFC in need of major improvement? Yes.
            2. Are we better than Fifthenham? Yes. That is only if you judge off of performance.

            Simple fact is you Spuds define your success off of our performance. Like a kid telling another kid “hey, you beat me up, but not as bad as you beat me up last time.”

            You Spuds unfortunately are a culture of losers. You’ll got the loser mentality…you’ll have had it so long that you get really good at “redefining” what it is to win.

            Are you all better than before? Yes.
            Are you all better than Arsenal? No.

            Best of luck in Europa.

          • Grant says:

            WTF are you talking about. Let’s just say Spurs have more chance of success in the Europa than the gooners in their last attempt at CL for sometime. 16 attempts 1 semi-final and final, sad really. Let’s look at the culture of losers again, 8 yrs and the giant that is Arsenal have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nothing, whereas at least Spurs have League cup 2008.

          • Yankee Gooner says:

            Grant, What you say is true. All your points and counter points. However you proclaim it like you all are better than us Gooners and that is the real BS. Regardless of where Spuds are currently in their state of affairs (best Tottenham side of all time) and regardless of where the Gunners are at in their state of affairs at the current time (one of the poorest performing Gunner squads) it is still easy to see who is in front and who is behind. Just look ahead of you and you will see our backs. That is the truth. Tottenham EVER finishing above Arsenal…that is you hypothesis. I’ll stick with the facts; mind the gap son.

          • Grant says:

            The best Tottenham side of all time have you never heard of the first double winning team of the 20th century acknowledged as one of the greatest ever, or teams with Hoddle and the Argentinians, or with Gazza and Lineker. It might be the best team of the Premiership era granted but if you consider your enormous superiority is now based upon just a single point difference then you are deluded, based upon that hypothesis you will forever remain in the shadow of Chelsea who finished 2 pts ahead of you, City 5 pts ahead and United own you with a 16pt gap. You know and I know that you believe that you might catch them and once again challenge for the title and yet you refuse to accept that Spurs are just as capable and are neck and neck and improving every year, don’t forget it’s 2 seasons fighting to beat us on the last day and we achieved our record high points total to prove the point. Mind your back sunshine.

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