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This is not the right time for Bale to go to Spain.He’s staying at Tottenham.

Posted on May 02, 2013 by Guest Writer

The events of the past couple of days must surely have convinced Gareth Bale and his advisers that Real Madrid and Barcelona are not now likely to provide him with the trophies he might crave nor the contented lifestyle a parent with a young family might desire.

Real Madrid might have been a goal away from reaching the final of the European Cup for all of 6 minutes but in truth apart from the first 15 or 20 minutes of the second leg and the final 5 minutes Dortmund had almost complete control of the fixture. There is obviously something more going wrong at Madrid and a report from Rob Beasley in the Sun today sheds light on a squad of selfish superstars, unable or unwilling to build a team in the true sense, or more significantly, team spirit. Mourinho has obviously had enough and is off at the end of the season which will allow for a new manager to come in and try to solve the inherent problems.

OveriIn Barcelona their team has clearly become massively reliant on one man, Lionel Messi, without him Barcelona have not just been beaten by a very good Bayern Munich team but annihalted 7-0 over the 2 legged tie. Xavi and Iniesta whilst still exceptional players have perhaps been found out and their abilities are beginning to wane, it might be some time before the club reaches the same levels attained over the past few years, if ever. Without the air of being considered the greatest team on the planet and with Real Madrid standards also falling, is the Spanish league of such great attraction? Guardiola might just have seen the writing on the wall and jumped before he could be pushed and there is also likely to be another change of manager for Barcelona this coming season.

Bayern Munich seem to be the current powerhouse and they have already bought Goetze and reports today suggest Lewandowski is also likely to start the new campaign in the Bayern team, that would suggest no room for the likes of Gareth Bale, the other angle is what sort of league challenge will Bayern Munich face next season when they are able to snap up the 2 best players of the second best team in Germany. they won the league weeks ago and next season should be even more convincing.

The English Premier League might not have teams good enough to win the European Cup on a regular basis simply because the league is so strong, rarely are there easy games, currently there are probably 7 clubs with the ability and/or resources to challenge for a top four position. It is the most competitive and exciting league in Europe and whilst teams at the lower end of the table cannot sustain any challenge they can and do provide great opposition even to the very best clubs.

Gareth Bale has a few more years to give Tottenham before he can relax and take the soft option of going abroad and saving all his efforts for European games, Tottenham, AVB and this squad with a few shrewd additions could well be on the verge of an exciting period of success and trophies, as well as that there is a great team spirit around the club. Bale himself recently stated in an interview that this is a young and exciting squad that has grown up together and they all have the desire to achieve great things.

Once the penny drops all the hacks will be pushing Gareth Bale in the direction of one the Manchester clubs and we all know Daniel Levy will not sanction a move in their direction or to Chelsea of course, but most importantly, whilst a top four position would make life easier for all concerned, Gareth Bale seems very happy and has been trusted and allowed to develop his game to an world class level, he is the most important player in the team and it is set up to get the best from him.

Huge new extended contract for Gareth Bale to follow and a couple of massive signings will make everybody sit up and take notice of Tottenham Hotspur.


1 to “This is not the right time for Bale to go to Spain.He’s staying at Tottenham.”

  1. whlspur says:

    He is potentially going to be one of the best 4 or 5 players in the world, still has years on his contract so Levy won’t let him go now. Levy must now spend big this summer no matter where Tottenham finish the season. Spurs are close to having a team to challenge for the title and if they bring in the players needed now it will guarantee success for severals years to come and establish them as regulars in the Champions League. COYS

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