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Time for Tottenham to ramp up their goal difference.

Posted on October 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

A good friend of mine once said that goal difference was the true definition of the league table and looking at those figures of the last three seasons I can see that he has a point. The team boasting the best goal difference has won the title in each of the last three seasons whilst the three teams with the worst goal difference have all been relegated.

It is not the definitive answer of course as it is still about the points first and foremost, but it is a very reasonable assumption that those with the better records will take the honours come the end of the season and the club with the very worst record will finish bottom of the pile as has been the case for the past three years and in eight of the past ten seasons.¬†Tottenham’s best performance in the goal difference table was the season that they came fourth and qualified for the Champions League ahead of Manchester City, that season they had a plus twenty-six tally.

In the recent past Tottenham’s problems have been twofold, they leaked too many goals for a team wishing to become a top four regular and they failed to score enough goals, as we know last season Gareth Bale became the first Tottenham player to score more than twenty goals in many a season which is just not good enough. When AVB took over his team had a problem in that they conceded many late goals, he cured that and has now gone on to further strengthen the defence, not by making wholesale changes at the back but by good coaching and better midfield options.

The final piece of the jigsaw would seem to be scoring more goals, players with goalscoring ability and potential were brought to the club over the summer and although Tottenham are actually the most offensive team in the country they have yet to turn that into goals. Today the team is up against an extremely defensive West Ham who because of their lack of strikers have needed to concentrate more on that aspect of their game to survive for the moment, it is a problem that this Tottenham side must learn to overcome and once they do then the show should really be on the road.

In the most open title race in Premiership history now is the time for Tottenham to make a statement to the rest of the division, a resounding win today will not only cement their place in the top four but will significantly improve their goal difference and send out a signal that what has gone before was a team finding it’s feet and now you will start to see just what it can really do.


13 to “Time for Tottenham to ramp up their goal difference.”

  1. macgooner says:

    Am that didn do much for yr goal difference rule number 1when writing an article dont be so cocky ha ha

  2. Boobaspur says:

    Yeah this article annoyed me before the match, like it was some kind of epic unknown advice from the oracle – shussh, don’t let the other teams know what we’re at, they might try and copy us.

    Let’s just try and win our games, before we start getting carried away with genius talk of scoring more than we do and bolstering our goal difference.

    Not a good birthday present (tomorrow) by AVB to start JD today. Sigh!

    • Tony says:

      don’t see the problem the article was meant to make the point generally rather than underestimate the hammers. every year we have been the poor relations of the goal difference column going into the final stages and it puts extra pressure on and needs to be put right.

  3. Eric says:

    Defoe n Siggy r way too inconsistent to start each game though they make good squad members

  4. macgooner says:

    Man that was just embarrassing west ham struggling to score goals an ye spent 100mill in summer think its time ye came down to earth we had a hard fought draw against wba an cant complain before the game we knew it would b difficult and thats exactly what it turned out to b we we’re not talking about scoring five or six because we’re realistic albeit ye should b beating west ham at home init in the future respect a team before the game because sometimes it can backfire…….lessen learned me thinks

    • Jide says:

      Why don’t you just give it a rest Mcgooner.. You lot lost to Villa too or you’ve forgotten that? Things happen, it’s no excuse, West Ham were the better team and deserve to win. You gooners need to understand that we played on Thursday. When you lot lost, the CL had not even started. So just stay out of things that do not concern you.

    • lou says:

      everytime the likes of arsenal, Chelsea city and united take to the field they expect to win games and spurs are now in that bracket so it is not disrespectful at all. read some of your supporters comments about being title contenders, almost all your players have come out and said it and now they are even talking of winning the champions league. the article didn’t suggest that the hammers would be beaten by several goals, but Tottenham were everyone’s favourites to win at home and is a 2 or 3 goal win for Spurs not considered feasible or are you being condescending enough to suggest it is beyond them. We lost end of, we have given wham due credit and we move on but it is reasonable to expect a good win in every home game we play and for you to mock the suggestion of a decent win and better GD is ridiculous. It’s been a while since Tottenham conceded eight or more goals don’t forget does that number mean anything to you gooners.

  5. macgooner says:

    Of course these things happen but we we’re not talking about racking up goals against villa were we so dont b so cocky when ye have no right to b and respect every opponent

    • Jide says:

      It was an home game, we were expected to win, i did not see anyone saying we will be racking up the goals or disrespect other teams.

    • lou says:

      fine ones to talk most gooners think they are nailed on to finish in top four and all the others are contenders have no chance, respect the likes of Spurs, Liverpool and everton as it could come back to bite you lot.

  6. Jide says:

    I think Jan Vertongen needs to cut out the shorts pulling or he will soon get sent off. He tried it again today on Ravel Morrison. What is that all about? He did have an off day today. COYS!

  7. Eric says:

    Do gooners have no site of their own ? are their lives so boring ? why are they always here ?

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