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Time to trust Lamela not loan him?

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Tim Sherwood is already facing a dilemma, especially at White Hart Lane, as he is no nearer to finding a way of breaking down teams that visit and set themselves up to strangle all attacking intent, teams prepared to sit back and absorb anything we can throw at them and then hit us on the break. The current personnel and set up is also prone to fall apart, it offers far too many opportunities to the opposing team and exposes our back four far too much.

We know that Sherwood seems to prefer the 4 4 2 formation but it is just not working and until the likes of Dembele and Sandro are fit and available for selection perhaps he should be looking to go with 4 4 1 1, something that Redknapp favoured once he had the quality of Rafael Van de Vaart in his ranks. There have been some signs of late that Erik Lamela is starting to find his feet, his performance against Tromso when analysed was impressive and he constantly threatened their back line, he has an awareness around the box of the ball to play to cause most damage, and now might be the time to trust in him and give him the free role around either Soldado or Adebayor.

Lamela needs a free role to release his talents.

Lamela needs a free role to release his talents.

By choosing to give Lamela the free role it will allow Sherwood to choose a defensive midfielder and perm any two from Capoue, Paulinho and Eriksen, that will give the required protection for the rearguard and a player to support the offensive nature of the team he wishes to present to the supporters. We keep reading that consideration is being given to loaning the player so that he can regain form but if he is to learn the language and settle in the Premiership for next season just what would be the point of him going back to Italy or Spain as has been suggested.

Lamela is something very different to anything else we have in our ranks, when he signed Ossie Ardiles no less was excited at the quality of the player that Tottenham had managed to buy, just 21 yrs of age he is far from the finished product but he has qualities that would seem to fit the Tottenham way of playing. It is quite ridiculous that the media still deem him a failure, he cost a lot of money but then so did Walcott, Ramsey and Oxlade Chamberlain, how long did it take them to settle, even Suarez took until his second season to hit the heights and he was a few years older at that stage. Lamela is 21, is learning English and the ways of the Premiership while trying to settle in a new country and at a new club. Even Ronaldo took a couple of seasons or more to produce for United and that was in a title winning team.

Tim Sherwood unlikely to succeed with this Tottenham squad playing gung ho football in a 4 4 2 formation, the squad  wasn’t bought for that purpose and he doesn’t have players of the quality or knowledge of the formation to do so. He has to go with the strengths of the players he has and if he can help develop someone like Lamela along the way he will receive the credit he deserves. Perhaps a bit of trust and playing time will get the Lamela bandwagon rolling and help the team along the way, there really is nothing much to lose at the moment.

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  1. Caleb says:

    Hahaha I’m sorry but Walcott cost about £10 million, chamberlain cost £15 million and Ramsey cost £5 million. Together they cost the fee of lamela, I’m not saying this as if lamela won’t be a great player but just pointing out you said these 3 players cost a lot of money.

    • I know that but still a lot of money for potential same as Bale and they were the only ones I could think of while writing and the point was more that it takes time. Lamela only arrived 1st September thats only about 16 weeks ago. He might or might not make it but 16 weeks is no time at all to judge you can have a cold almost that long. With all the upheaval at a young age and a new culture to contend with unlike those I mentioned, for the media to already write him off is a joke.

    • grant says:

      It’s not really about the cost the argument is he is a youngster and has only just arrived. In that 16 weeks there have been 3 international get togethers involving travelling half way across the world half dozen times, finding somewhere to live, starting to learn English , training and meeting his teammates, as well as that there have been numerous midweek games and travelling to European games.
      Any adverse comment in the circumstances is ridiculous although I admit you yourself haven’t done so and acknowledge he might turn into an exceptional player. as usual the media try to create problems that don’t really exist to fill column inches and it is bloody annoying.

  2. Eric says:

    Walcott took 5-6 years and ramsey 2-3 to be considered a starter where as chamberlain has yet to prove himself.Lamela has been here only for 4 months and yet you have passed your judgement so soon

    • Tony says:

      The jury is out on Lamela but the point is it should not even be judging for a year or two anyway. I’ll be gutted if we give up on him so soon as that would be a proper knee jerk reaction.

    • Caleb says:

      I haven’t passed my judgement I clearly said that I wasn’t saying lamela can’t be a great player. It does take time to settle but I think to pay £30million for a player and then to barely play him seems very odd to me.

      • Tony says:

        It’s all odd down the Lane these days, sack a coach with best points and win ratio despite selling 2 WC players, spend £100m on players for his formation and then employ Sherwood who is a Harry 4 4 2 clone. £100m wasted after giving them and the coach less than 16 weeks to do their thing. Nobody has yet explained how or why Sherwood who was responsible for ensuring AVB’s methods were implemented right down the line changes to a 4 4 2!!!! He was the knife in the back with Levy’s ear in my opinion with the others supporting him. Be honest how long did it take for Walcott and Ramsey to become anything like regulars, it is arguable whether they are are even now and have never been 1st names on sheet. Lamela cost bundles but come on he’s only been here 5 mins.
        It’s only £25m with add ons which don’t look like happening any time soon and whilst a lot and it could go pear shaped we won’t really know for a couple of years yet.

        • Caleb says:

          Well tbf, they are definitely both names straight on the team sheet. Ramsey played a lot at first then got his broken leg, and needed time after that, Walcott has been regular since 19/20. But he, ox and Rambo all played in the championship then had a step up, lamela is one of the best players in the serie a last year, so should be playing all the time,

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