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Timid Tim proclaims himself “The Greatest”!

Posted on April 26, 2014 by Scraggs

Tottenham should count themselves extremely lucky to have had Tim Sherwood on hand when AVB could take no more intereferance and walked away from the job, he stepped in, steadied the ship and apparently turned around the fortunes of the club as well as introduced a much more cultured and attractive style of football! His win record of 58% makes him the best Tottenham manager of all time though he conveniently overlooks elimination from three cup competitions as well as big defeats to three of the top four teams and two further defeats against the other Arsenal. If that constitutes success and proclaimed greatness then all Tottenham fans should look forward to huge disappointment in the future.

As the media continue to talk up the attributes of Sherwood he is only to pleased to take as much credit as is possible for any success on the field and yet distances himself from poor performances and disappointing results, already this week he has milked as much credit as possible from Harry Kane’s run of three goals in three games, “only I would have given him the chance to play” he said. Having introduced Bentaleb he is playing the “youngsters” card to the full and yet the youngster is nowhere near the team at the moment having been played against Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Arsenal! surely Sherwood hasn’t finally realised he wasn’t up to the task quite yet? if that is the case his decision to play him was in fact a disastrous decision.

Yesterday he talked of Tottenham needing to change their mindset and embrace the Liverpool method of bringing youngsters through citing the likes of Carragher and Gerrard, one now retired and the other probably only a year or two away, their recent success has been non existent and as we stand they have still won nothing and if you take a look at the team only Gerrard and the fullback came through the ranks.

He talks of homegrown players as putting more in for the club again referring to Gerrard, as well as the Neville’s at United, they have the club in their blood and that ensures longevity he said conveniently forgetting that Sol Campbell didn’t look at it quite that way! He stated that it took years for Ledley King to be acknowledged as a Tottenham legend yet I recall him being lauded almost immediately following his introduction to the team and certainly when replacing Campbell.

Tim Sherwood can certainly blow his own trumpet, after knocking the achievements of his predecessor he has used arguments valid for his demise to defend his own position! 

“You can’t come in and take over half way through the season with a group of players who have not played in the Premier League before, with seven of them in the first team, and expect to hit the floor running. Especially on the back of losing one of the world’s best players who contributed so much to the club last season.”

Didn’t AVB have to do without Ledley, VDV and Modric the season before as well as Bale this season, did he not have the new boys to contend with in their first few months in a new league and country?

Since it became clear that Tottenham were not going to make the top four Sherwood has gone to great lengths to state that it was never a possibility anyway and the squad is nowhere near good enough which beggars the question as to why if that was so obvious was AVB sacked! Having said that it is not a theory that I can subscribe to as Tottenham possess a squad superior to Everton and Liverpool (Suarez aside) and could and should have competed with both better than they have, look at the table on the 11/1/2014 and you will see Tottenham well placed to challenge yet they have fallen away and gone out of the cup competitions, that does not suggest Sherwood has the ability to bring success and certainly doesn’t back up his suggestion that he is the greatest.

Sherwood certainly seems to have an ego to match that of his most trusted player Adebayor but unfortunately results are little better than average considering the ability within the squad, whatever Sherwood might try to tell us he has plenty of fantastic players to call upon but did not have the coaching ability of any of clubs above us in the table, Rodgers and Martinez especially have shown that coaching ability is vital as well as having and choosing the correct players in vital matches, in midweek Chelsea went to Madrid and though it wasn’t particularly pretty to watch they came away with a result that makes them favourites to reach the final, they did it playing not one but two defensive midfielders something that Sherwood has already dismissed as unnecessary in today’s game! Right now I would take scrappy, battling football if it meant we reached a final, won a trophy or just finished in the top four, it’s time to get the job done and progress to the flowing beautiful football when the type of player needed would join because they want success and medals.

Sherwood is a long, long way down the list of great Tottenham managers, he has been in the job for just 25 matches and has lost 9 of those, his win ratio is actually 48% and loss ratio almost 30% while AVB in 80 matches had a win ratio of 55% and a loss ratio of just 20% but then most of his matches were probably against pub teams.


2 to “Timid Tim proclaims himself “The Greatest”!”

  1. BigH says:

    Shitwood just gets worse and worse. Quicker this clown is kicked out the better. The real issue for us is the next manager. This again is turning into a typical fiasco. Looks like LvH is going up north. I can hear the Levy excuses now. ‘Not my fault…he wanted to go to a bigger club’ Familiar ring? Our biggest worry is what manager is going to want to work with Levy with his trigger happy finger? The squad is strong, but totally acting dysfunctionally thanks mainly in part to Shitwood. So a big job, with a strong character needed. Been a season ticket holder for 30 years, been going since 1977, now getting to the totally f***** off stage. Oh yeah, renewals due soon….so we are bound to hear plenty of soundbites from Levy, ‘stadium, ambition, need the right man in charge, club is going from strength to strength’ etc etc. Total shit. Time for them to go

    • Tony says:

      Crazy situation yet again and like you totally peed off. Another poor showing showing yesterday proving Sherwood is clueless. This squad is actually very good and are getting results despite the chaotic teams he is putting out. Have to say that I am not too despondent over loss of LVG as reading more about him it seems that he has had some poor seasons with very big clubs and it seems to take a couple of seasons before he gets success. Wouldn’t be too upset with Rafa but concerned that he took of Milan from Jose and ruined them in rapid time and hasn’t been that great this past year with good squad. I really like what Pochettino has done and though many will say he hasn’t a great record let’s not forget Southampton were only promoted 2012 and he has probably done better than Rodgers before he got it right this season but then I was happy to give AVB more time as I believe he will be massive success with right backing.

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