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Tim’s man management skills shining through.

Posted on April 19, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Only yesterday Tim Sherwood hailed Adebayor and Hugo Lloris as the only Tottenham players worthy of a place in the Tottenham lineup so undermining the ability of every other professional at the club, today we saw what he meant regarding Lloris who was the busiest keeper on the park and pulled off a number of fantastic saves but he other so called irreplaceable player Adebayor yet again failed to test the opposition goalkeeper and all his worthwhile involvement in the game occurred in midfield areas, the one effort he made to set up one of his own players, Soldado, late in the game resulted in a turnover to Fulham, indispensible Adebayor is not.

Though Tottenham won the game today it was hardly a convincing performance and actually owed more to the ambition of the players and the ability of Eriksen rather than the tactics of the coach, anybody who believes that Sherwood is fostering a happy camp should look no further than Sandro’s comment on Twitter today, having being left out of the squad and after Sherwood had informed the media that he was injured Sandro spilled the beans and confirmed that he has actually been fit to play for some time and has simply been discarded by Sherwood, when he was confronted on the matter after the game Sherwood chose to say that Sandro is not even good enough for the squad!

While many had suggested that AVB alienating Adebayor began the process leading to his sacking Sherwood has been credited with getting some good performances from him, he has 13 goals to his name but some came in Europe and he has only actually hit the net in 7 fixtures of the 22 played with doubles in 6 games against lesser opposition, he has failed to hit the net and rarely even threatened to score against any meaningful opposition, no goals against City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal, hardly the form of a player worthy of being  handed the opportunity to play every minute of every game and so no wonder he is happy with Sherwood in charge, he had the same arrangement with Redknapp.

After the game even Danny Rose had a spat with Tony Parks so this ill feeling and poor attitude shown by the current head coach is rubbing off and seems to be spreading throughout the club. surely Daniel Levy ought to be taking some action regarding Sherwood who seems intent on upsetting most of the playing staff, he has directed insults at the entire squad with just a few exceptions and has aimed direct insults the way of Dembele, Chiriches, Paulinho, Capoue, Lamela and now Sandro who has never given any less than 100% for the team.

Sherwood as we know was instrumental in causing unrest in the dressing room at Blackburn before Hodgson was sacked and again when Hoddle was in charge at Tottenham, again he ran to the press “In January 2003, Sherwood informed the press that he had had a major argument with Spurs manager Glenn Hoddle and that Hoddle had told him that he would never play for the club again”

Some will defend Sherwood against Sandro’s comments on Twitter but he who lives by the sword dies by the sword and he has been responsible for doing the same during his playing days.

The media are still all for Sherwood because they they love his controversial comments that they thrive upon but coaching a top club is not about keeping the press happy, unfortunately results have not been good enough and even though the team have managed a decent number of wins the reality is that performances have been poor and have actually deteriorated against the top four.

Surely the time has come to relieve Sherwood of press duty as he cannot stop himself from criticising the players, he was banished to the stands until he had reigned in his anger tantrums and now must be stopped from causing further unrest in the camp. I know where my allegiance lies and it is the dedication and commitment of Sandro over the rank inability of Tim Sherwood to coach a squad of international players worth millions and paid millions by Tottenham Hotspur.

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  1. Bigh says:

    Totally sick and tired of Shitwood. This clown never ceases to amaze me how shit he is. A win is always good, but we were lucky today. Lloris was outstanding and so was Eriksen. Our best defensive midfielder not even picked when we leak goals and are vulnerable shows how inept and out of depth he is. He has single handedly destroyed the dressing room and his arrogance has hit unbelievable levels. Get him out of the club he is poison. Followed closely by the wanker who employed him

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think spurs deserve him haha

  3. Alee says:

    Agree he should go, but should we really aim to replace the manager with only 3 games left, especially given that most of his potential replacements will only become available in the summer?

  4. eric says:

    Levy’s a joke

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey tony don’t hate the gunners because it has been proven we are superior to your bunch of under achieves again

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