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Today’s Tottenham transfer talk analysed.

Posted on January 09, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

A little overweek into the January transfer window and most of the talk has been of Tottenham departures, today the list has grown yet again so let’s take a look at what is being said and give our honest opinion on those rumours;

Jermain Defoe– A move to Toronto has been on the cards for weeks and we at JTN have always believed this was a deal all but done, it seems that an announcement is due within the next four or five days. what is not clear as yet is whether Tottenham will retain the players services until such time as the MLS season starts, something we hope does not happen, if Sherwood and the Tottenham hierarchy believe keeping Defoe on loan until late February is enough to get us through the season they are playing fast and loose with our season. If Jermaine Defoe is to be sold it is essential that a replacement is secured until the end of the season in May and not simply a stopgap loan until mid February. Presumably Tim Sherwood is aware that they still have a European tournament to play for as well as top four !

Erik Lamela- We are continuously informed that our young signing has flopped but I simply don’t see it, it is true that he has not become a fixture in the team as yet but he has only been with the club since the beginning of September, speaks a couple of languages but unfortunately English was not one of them, and he has had to become acquainted with Premiership football. It seems that a number of high profile clubs in Italy and Spain are anxious to secure this “flops” services with Juventus leading the way, one tabloid suggests that they are prepared to offer £5m and their 30 year old forward Vucinic for his services, considering that Tottenham agreed a fee of some £25m plus some £5m in add-ons for Lamela just 4 months ago that values Vucinic at close to £25m, that is great money for a 30yr old only considered good enough to play 11 games for Juventus this season (less than Lamela) and with only 26 goals in 89 appearances would be a catastrophic decision. Potential costs, maybe not quite as much as the amount paid for Lamela, but imagine Tottenham had given up on Gareth Bale when he was 21yrs of age and unable to finish on the winning side! Tottenham must not countenance a sale or loan for a player that has all the attributes needed to be a huge star in the not too distant future.

Etienne Capoue- After an impressive start in the absence of Sandro injury brought his run in the team to an abrupt halt, when he regained fitness he was called upon to stand in as a centre half and then seemed to have secured his position with a good performance at Old Trafford, it was something of a surprise when he was left out of the team against Arsenal. Napoli seem to be one of his suitors in this window and now that Sandro is back in training he could quite easily be on his way out, maybe a loan deal might be preferable at this stage so as to re-assess  the entire situation come the summer.

Kyle Walker- It seems that Monaco and PSG are considering making a bid for Kyle Walker although no mention has been made of the fee that they are prepared to offer. Now we at JTN happen to believe that Walker is one of the best right backs in the country at the moment while many seem only too happy to point out his occasional error. With plenty of time left on his current deal Tottenham have no need to consider selling one of their best players and to be honest the challenge at either French club is neglible, PSG have Champions League involvement to a point and Monaco are assured of involvement next season as there are just three teams  of any consequence in the French league.

As far as incomings are concerned there has been talk of Pjanic, yet again, Michael Bradley,  Salamon Kalou and Tom Ince all midfielders and if there is any position Tottenham don’t need more additions it is in that area, replacement options for Defoe and defensive cover at left back and centre back due to ongoing injury concerns for Younes Kaboul continue to be ignored yet would make more sense.

Surely a replacement for Jermain Defoe will be sought this month, maybe a left back to compete with Danny Rose but other other than that expect very little, maybe these additions will be loan deals as Tim Sherwood continues his trial period until the end of the season.


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  1. Eric says:

    We need a striker and lb with defoe and ekkoto exiting.Also if Tim recalls Carroll and plays him ahead of the likes of capoue and holtby then I’ll give up on him.His obsession with 2 strikers and youth will hurt us deep.We have better players atm and they should be utilised ahead of Carroll.He’s need to be flexible and not stubborn with his choices.I’m still shocked how Bentaleb was chosen ahead of player recently voted in the French team of the year

  2. Jide says:

    If Sherwood keeps playing Bentaleb ahead of the likes Capoue and Hotlby, Then he is only digging his own grave. I am a strong believer in bringing in the young players, but there is a time and place for that. It is not against the gooners or any of the PL top teams. I accept that he want to continue playing what I call kamikaze football, but at least have a strong midfield to stop us being overun. If he does not learn from the FA cup match against Arsenal, then maybe he is not ready or even good enough to be Spurs manager.

    Finally, we need at least a striker to replace Dafoe.

    • Stantheman says:

      we all like to see one of our own brought through the system but as you rightly say you have to pick the games and the system to get the right balance. As well as encourage the youngsters that they have a future at the club so too must the supporters see results by including those youngsters. Brought on Bentaleb in place of Dembele it worked but starting and in outnumbered midfield was just plain stupid.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Admin – you are really going to have to do something about the Like / Dislike abuse which is rife on this site since its introduction – one article having 50 dislikes and the above 2 comments with 10 dislikes each. Maybe start by one vote per IP address or remove this system until you can implement a less easily abused system. Sigh!

    Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to JD – I’m mixed on his imminent departure – he has done reasonably well for us but has never been that world class striker we all desire so much. I think he is prone to mood also and I think he can disrupt as much as bind our team for success. Appreciate all he has achieved but all good things…

    I’m so sick of Lamela – how much more patience is required before this player even begins to show the first signs of being anything like the class act that I am hearing so often but never seeing – I’ve seen every single Spurs match this season and only in the Tromso game did he look semi-decent – pull the finger out Lamela and start to show us why so much Bale money was invested in you (I do so hope you become a success for us).

    It would be absolute madness to let Kyle Walker go – we have enough disruption with so many new players in and a few out – he is a great player and offers plenty of pace and guile. Sure he gets caught out occasionally but he never seems to give up easily and has plenty of passion.

    A top class striker with the aim of binning lazy and unpredictable Adebayor to which ever fool will buy him and a left back (ignoring smug and moody, amateur photographer Asshole Ekotto) would hopefully see us somewhere inside the top 4 and Champions League might convince a few more top class plays to join us next season.

    • Eric says:

      Completely with you on the like dislike issue.It’s getting ridiculous as each day passes

    • Tony says:

      Removed for the moment and will look into an alternative as suggested.
      JD situation now confirmed but hope the stay until end of february is so that he retains fitness levels, is available for any emergency and to say farewell to the fans.
      Lamela really does seem to have some amazing skills and ability but we don’t yet know if they will be suited to the PL on a regular basis. Walker won’t be allowed to leave and to be honest don’t really see him learning or speaking french. Gives his all and is much better than he is given credit for by our fans and pundits, it was the system against Arsenal that led to the gooners first goal not Walker going AWOL.
      Have to say I’m with you on the Ade/Benni issue, 2 players not to put your faith in any longer.

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