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Tom Huddlestone-a class act deserving of a warm Tottenham reception.

Posted on October 26, 2013 by Scraggs

In a recent interview given by Tom Huddlestone many perhaps expected him to paint a poor picture of his time at Tottenham and in particular the last twelve months with AVB as head coach but after eight years at the club was there really any likelihood that he would say anything derogatory? The Hud was an extremely popular player with the supporters who always believed that he would one day be as good as Hoddle during his time with Tottenham, he had many of his attributes and while pace was not on either players agenda Tom probably suffered even more in that department,


Tom Huddlestone returns to White hart Lane on Sunday and will be assured a warm reception from the Tottenham fans.

Huddlestone probably enjoyed his best period when he played alongside Luka Modric the season the club finished fourth and qualified for the Champions League, the following season he started as a regular and even captained the team in the Champions League. That year he won his first caps for England before another injury and the surgery that followed cut short his best period in a Tottenham shirt. Tom Huddlestone didn’t score often for Tottenham, just the eight in more than one hundred and fifty appearances, but when he did score they were generally quite special goals, a technically gifted player who rarely got the breaks but was always held in great esteem by the supporters. It is good to see that he is getting some continuous game time with Hull alongside our loanee Jake Livermore, he has feature in almost every minute of every game and hopefully it means any injury issues are firmly a thing of the past. Tom Huddlestone has had nothing but good to say about Tottenham for the entire period he was a player and has maintained that stance since he left, just like other great servants of the club he will be given a special appreciative welcome when he returns” home” on Sunday.

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  1. Eric says:

    All big teams won this weekend so the pressure is on us to win n stay up with them

  2. tom says:

    he will be give a warm reception but let’s hope he doesn’t score the goal he needs for a hair cut unless of course it’s just a consolation goal late on.

  3. J Sidewinder says:

    You must be off your head mate…seen the guy play 10 million times for Spurs like he is 9 mths pregnant….useless and inneftive in vitually every game he played ..too slow,too lazy and too fuckin fat.

    • Tony says:

      too harsh he wasn’t a world beater but the majority appreciated him and willed him to make it, That period we made fourth and played in champions league was his best period and it ended with another injury. the majority liked him as a person and player.

  4. Eric says:

    just glad we got 3 points

  5. grant says:

    3 hard won points would be nice to see what would happen with an early goal. Tibilisi away was the only time I can think of and it ended 5-0.

  6. Eric says:

    We all agree we are a team in transition so we will need time to play fluently as a team.It’s imp we get the wins in the process no matter how they come.Jan onwards will be the best time to judge how quality we actually are

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