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Tottenham 8th in World football ranking, Arsenal 15th, always in our shadow!

Posted on February 10, 2014 by Scraggs

I expect that most of our North London rivals might be more than a little surprised by the results for 2013 recently published, this ranking is for the top 200 clubs across the football world and Tottenham finished a more than creditable 8th. Perhaps all those happy to see the back of AVB might like to reconsider their opinion as only Chelsea of the Premiership finished 2013 ahead of Tottenham. Arsenal and Manchester City obviously did reasonably well as you might expect but only managed to reach equal 15th. Manchester United trailed back in 26th place, probably as a result of a poor European tournament, while Liverpool and Everton were level 136th and Newcastle 114th.

For the first time a German club finished ahead in the rankings closely followed by three of the top Spanish clubs and Chelsea who separated the Spanish giants. As this is a World ranking rather than simply European the Brazilian Champions are level in the rankings alongside Tottenham.

For a full list of the top 200 teams follow this link to see whether your club featured and if so their position


12 to “Tottenham 8th in World football ranking, Arsenal 15th, always in our shadow!”

  1. Eric says:

    Is this based purely on performances or factors like fanbase,balance sheet,etc taken into account ?

    • Admin says:

      Since 1991 IFFHS creates the Club World Ranking with all the match results from all official competitions in the world. For first time in the history of the Club World Ranking a German team is the winner. FC Bayern München reached the second best score in Club World Ranking, surpassed only by FC Juventus with 372,7 in 1993. Seems to be results in all competitions entered

  2. tinalex says:

    When FC Basel is ranked 8th you should start to question the authenticity of the rankings. I tried to check for the criteria for the rankings but could not find any. At best the IFFHS is one dubious organization awarding rankings on dubious criteria. All the same congratulations for being ranked second in England after finishing 5th!

  3. Eric says:

    Off topic- It’s commendable that admins here allow arsenal fans to comment and discuss and at times even bear the insults.I’ve been to few arsenal forums and couldn’t believe the amount of hatred a spurs fan got when all he wanted to do was discuss football.It nice that u guys allow it.I recently stumbled upon and say a guy claiming to be a spurs fan and all he wanted to do was have friendly discussions on the beautiful game but was banished like Hell.I’ve personally never been a victim as such cause I’ve never really tried it buy its also not to say that all arsenal forums are alike.I hope this site continues to be open to all no matter who we support

    • Tony says:

      That is the intention provided it remains within the realms of decency. a bit of banter/debate can be fun and/or interesting if carried out in the right way. we can’t expect to be a little controversial or involve mentioning other clubs without giving their supporters the opportunity to respond or just what would be the point. There could be the occasional heated discussion or response but we are all grownups and can take it, just need to keep the language respectable.

  4. arsenalfan says:

    Fairplay Tony – I’m an arsenal fan myself and even I’d say that justarsenal users frequently go way over the top!

  5. Jide says:

    That’s the problem when you are an outsider. Remember they are actually a Woolwich team – Hence Woolwich Gooners. That is why they are always aggressive when a Spurs fan go onto one of those gooner forums to show them how a civilised and reasonable debate is done. Lol!

    You cannot but wonder why they always come on this site of ours, still they don’t behave. Do you know they even fight among themselves when debating on their own cheap sites?! The likes of tinalex are allowed here yet he cannot bring himself to congratulate us when we are ahead of them in the ranking. That’s gratitude for you! Typical gooner!

  6. Alee says:

    I’m a Spurs fan but any club ranking system that puts Spurs above not only Arsenal, but the likes of Liverpool and Man.U, it’s number crunchers must be crack smokers.

    I mean, I know we actually have a better European record than Arsenal but Pool and Man.U? Come on!

    • Tony says:

      I’ll take anything for the moment but let’s hope for a league table that does the very same come the end of the season. That table is based on games played and average points won per game in all competitions so it’s a form guide I suppose and our form is not too shabby is it.

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