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Tottenham and Chelsea to go head to head for the title.

Posted on June 29, 2013 by Tony

Finally the time will soon be upon us when Tottenham and Chelsea again lock horns in the challenge for glory, there have been a number of FA Cup challenges, some League Cup moments, the last being a famous Tottenham victory at Wembley not so long ago, even some decent challenges for a top four position which is satisfyingly level these past 2 seasons, but something new is on the horizon and it’s all about to kick off next season.

Tottenham have been in English footballs wilderness for most of the Premiership years and beyond while Chelsea have continued to pick up silverware almost continuously since Abramovitch started throwing his money around, but for the last few years even Chelsea have had to give ground to both Manchester clubs in the race for the title.

Firstly let’s consider Chelsea, they cannot seem to settle on a coach no matter how much success that he brings to the club, Di Mateo brought the long awaited Champions League trophy and FA Cup home and was sacked 6 months later, Benitez mmmmmmmmmmmmm he had no chance but still won the Europa Cup and managed a difficult 3rd place. So the prodigal returns Jose Mourinho, after a disastrous season with Madrid and no trophy to show for it despite having a star studded team, he returns to Chelsea. This might just be a good time for him as the club embarked on a new recruiting programme a year or two back and he has a very decent squad and ever more money to spend. They will look to improve this season and it will be interesting to see just who Mourinho will bring in. He has always had a very strong spine to his special winning teams, as that was lacking at Madrid  he might like to return to that ideal with Chelsea but Obi-Mikel would not seem the best option. If Mourinho does return to his midfield powerhouse roots it will have to be at the expense of one of his creative players and some might not find themselves starting as much as they would like. Nevertheless Chelsea will be there or thereabouts  until the end.

I firmly believe that AVB is a special coach in the mould of Mourinho and that this season the chase for the Premiership title will involve both Portuguese coaches, that isn’t to say that both Manchester clubs will not be involved, but both London clubs would now seem to be ready for a serious challenge. Tottenham have been steadily building and will have been left disappointed that for the past 2 seasons they have been unfortunate in not securing Champions League football, this obviously slowed their improvement but did not halt it. the current Tottenham squad now boasts eight or nine players who would not be out of place in any of the top teams, a couple or three are good enough for the best teams in Europe right now.

Last season Fergie sung Tottenham’s praises and already this summer Mourinho has singled them out as genuine title hopefuls, most pundits continue to write them off, failing to see past the usual four clubs. Something special might just be brewing over in N17 as Tottenham go about building a very good squad, when did Daniel Levy last put his hand in the till for a couple of top class Internationals at the very beginning of the transfer window, the last time I can recall was for Modric and he didn’t turn out to shabby before he lost his marbles.

There has been some decent banter on this site in recent days but what is clear from that and reading articles of so called experts like Jamie Carragher(better he writes as I can’t understand a word he says) is that just about everybody underestimates Tottenham and even the ability of their players, other than Bale of course.

I cannot wait for this season to get underway as there is a really good feeling amongst Tottenham supporters of great things to come.

3 to “Tottenham and Chelsea to go head to head for the title.”

  1. craig says:

    If not next season definitely the season after. There’s a new champion in town and the name is Tottenham Hotspur.

  2. BigH says:

    I love the bare optimism, but being a hardened spurs boy for over 40 years and a season ticket for nearly 30 years my only advice is mental health affects 1 in 4 people nearly all spurs fans! keep the faith!

    • Tony says:

      Optimistic yes but at the same time Tottenham already have a squad good enough to be just 6 points off 2nd spot, despite taking a dozen or more fixtures to gel under AVB. The quality of the proposed new additions are also up with the very best, Paulinho and Villa if they do come off will improve Tottenham massively and there are probably a couple more to follow. AVB has been a resounding success and Levy now has a coach that he will put faith and money into. Tottenham are going for it and are not just content with 4th, it’s the title they are after.

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