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Tottenham and City the big winners as United and Arsenal fans panic.

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

With less than three weeks left of the transfer window and a matter of a couple of days until the big kick off only Tottenham and Manchester City have significantly improved their squads of the top five of last season, Chelsea have made a couple of big signings but arguably neither will really displace existing players just yet.

City have spent the best part of £90m so far buying players to improve their midfield and offensive options and do not seem likely to stop just yet, defence is an area that their new coach has identified as needing improvement and they have the money to make it happen. Their squad has become deeper with more top quality additions ensuring they will be contenders for the title, the only negative might be the loss of Tevez.

Tottenham have also spent a great deal so far with the latest addition bringing the total spent to £59m, with something in the region of £23m likely to be recouped once the current round of reported sales have been completed it is likely more purchases will be made. Tottenham have broken their transfer record twice already and rumour has it that there might still be another record in the offing with other realistic targets apparently pursued. The really big issue has yet to be decided and that relates to Gareth Bale, I have to admit I thought this was all over a couple of weeks back but he is still a Tottenham player against the odds and until Madrid find the money from somewhere he will remain so. I would like to question all these expert pundits who write Tottenham off because they expect Bale to leave, what is their opinion if he stays! will they then admit that with the best player in the league and all of these tremendous purchases that Tottenham might be a threat in the title race?

For weeks now Manchester United have been dealing with the issue of Wayne Rooney seeking a way out, in some respects they might now actually wish to cash in on him while they can, it seems that off the back of a poor season and a poor attitude he might be suffering from Van Persie envy. United continue to attempt to bring a big name to Old Trafford and add quality in a number of positions where they are suffering as ageing players and the loss of Scholes will affect them, the biggest loss of all is of course Sir Alex as the fear is that Moyes will not cope. Until recently it seemed that United and Moyes would have to settle for a couple of his old players but Baines talk has ceased and even the Fellaini buy out period has ended.

Over at Arsenal all the talk has been about their new found ability to compete with the really big clubs, they had a fortune to spend and were intent on bringing a number of stars to the club, Rooney was spoken of and of being able to afford his huge wage demands, Higuain was a done deal until they baulked at the asking price, they have offered £40m and one pound for Suarez even though he will cost nearer £55m if Liverpool would allow his release to them which is doubtful. Ashley Williams, Fabregas, Rooney, Higuain, Fellaini, Bernard and umpteen others have been linked, the latest being Gustavo of Bayern who seems to have preferred Wolfsburg over them.

Look on many United and Arsenal sites and the natives are becoming restless with the inactivity in the transfer market, United seem affected by Fergies retirement and players seem reluctant to choose committing to them until Moyes has been tested, whereas Arsenal have the problem of underachieving for years as well as a lack of investment, this has all resulted in what is perceived to be a squad deteriorating in quality and so unable to challenge for silverware. Both players and supporters of Arsenal have become used to broken promises for year after year, this is turning into another transfer window of all talk and no action, their supposed £70m transfer fund has even been bolstered by a couple of sales. On the bright side Bendtner is still on the books earning his £2.5m pa.and available to play if needed.

All the TV pundits are fond of saying that if you stand still you are overtaken, if it’s true then United and Arsenal might find themselves fighting it out for the final Champions League position come the end of the season.

2 to “Tottenham and City the big winners as United and Arsenal fans panic.”

  1. craig says:

    moyes is already whining about fixtures it must be in his instructions from fergie. Wenger has started to talk up transfers again but clearly nobody wants to join them.United could be in trouble if RVP gets injured while Arsenal are just in trouble.

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    What the hell are you going on about utd and arsenal fans panic you are pathetic tony utd thrashed swansea 4-1 yesterday you are deluded stop supporting spurs please because your a total idiot

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