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Tottenham back to the drawing board as Benteke signs new Villa contract.

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Tony

To say that this has come as a bit of a shock is an understatement , it seemed that the Benteke move to Tottenham was as clear cut as possible once the fee had been finally agreed, not so as Benteke has signed a new improved and extended contract following discussions with the club.

So what went wrong or had it all been a red herring, just why did the player hand in a transfer request? Hopefully there will be a few answers over the coming days but in the meantime just who are Tottenham intent on bringing to the club. City have sealed the deal for Negredo, Jovetic seems next on the list so who does that leave, Soldado and a long shot might be Dzeko who is becoming a bit of a forgotten man in the scheme of the Manchester City rebuild.

Again back to a bit of panic just when everything seemed to be clicking into place, hold on forgot about Higuain for Tottenham but that has been done.


9 to “Tottenham back to the drawing board as Benteke signs new Villa contract.”

  1. tom says:

    I smell a rat here, Benteke hands in a transfer request and doesn’t travel on tour, after 24 hours back he suddenly signs a new contract. He was apparently being offered £40k, double his wages, any new Spurs signing and one as important and at the cost mentioned would have expected £70k. Player and agent have worked this to get best deal from villa and spurs were never in for him. No offers and no contact have ever been reported, nobody has ever said yes Tottenham are interested and made offer. Paper talk and agent games have been the only instigators of this story.

  2. Thierry says:

    Who you reckon you will go for now tony? Not many left mate, Suarez? Higuain? Not taking the piss, just asking.

    • Tony says:

      Soldado was always an option the problem is not just getting a striker but the selling club replacing and so many strikers have already signed elsewhere.Dzeko of City must be feeling peeved now city have got Negredo, jovetic and Aguero, maybe we can get him on loan a la adebayor haha. Suarez is a no go to rich and too much baggage for Levy and much as higuain would fit dealing with Madrid would be horrendous after the Bale fiasco. They must have something up their sleeve but am at a loss to know what it is right now. I am starting to think the benteke thing was a set up by the player to screw villa, in the same way we cant compete on wages with you and you with the other 3, villa are nowhere near spurs, it just reeks of a set up.

      • keithj says:

        Our local sources say he was given the extra time off to sort the deal, 2 offers rejected, and this from someone who posted before the OS ” its a nice sunny day get some beers and enjoy the good news.
        Levy has pulled some good stunts in the past for you but as you point out now it is going to be horrendous dealing with them now. Karma.

        • Tony says:

 your sources say how much his new deal is worth.can’t believe it could be near that available at spurs.that is the part I don’t get with plenty of time left to sort deal.

  3. bryan says:

    we just need to splash the money on soldado if we put up the money we will get him we are running out of options and i know levy aint spending 37 mill on higuain.who else is out there?

    • tom says:

      It is never going to be higuain just because of having to deal with Madrid, we know what terms will include, his wages will also be far to high with the gooners apparently offering him £150k pw.

  4. amit says:

    Soldado is my choice too, its a upgrade on what we have though its not the best. But buying him will mean we have to keep Ade and Defoe. Or may be 20M for the Brazilian forward we are chasing for long!

    • tom says:

      I think you are doing soldado a disservice he is the current Spanish first choice forward and ahead of Villa, Torres and Negredo.

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