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Tottenham can take failure but Arsenal will never live it down.

Posted on May 19, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

No matter what way results go today there really can be only one club that might not recover for sometime. Tottenham have been in this situation many times in recent years starting with the dodgy lasagne that put paid to Martin Jol’s ambitions. Every time Tottenham have recovered and continued to improve and they again stand on the cusp of a top four position.

When they managed to finally overcome the established a few seasons back they did so at the expense of Liverpool and that has resulted in Liverpool dismissing Benitez, Hodgson and Dalglish as they try to regain their position. Their efforts have been hampered by Manchester City now establishing themselves as one of the new elite four and Tottenham continuing to improve with each passing season.

As we go into the final fixture of the season Arsenal are in the same position as last year just a point ahead of Tottenham with an away fixture against a club just escaping relegation which they must win to avoid the possibility of being overtaken by their nearest neighbours, only this time it is not third and fourth position at stake but entry into the Champions League.

We must assume that with so much at stake for everybody associated with Arsenal that even though they are clear favourites to finish the job there must be an element of nervousness also. If Tottenham do manage to finish the job of winning their final fixture failure by Arsenal could have a disastrous effect for them, not only would They have failed to finish the season ahead of Tottenham for the first time of Wengers reign but there would be the added fear that it might be some time before Arsenal might challenge again for sometime and that they might go the way of Liverpool and have to go about a painstaking rebuilding problem.

No such problem over in the other part of North London where Tottenham as a club are used to missing out on the Champions League, they will simply improve their squad and go again and expect to improve still further,they know full well that they are not a million miles from becoming one of the elite teams in the division and expect that it is only a matter of time before they get there.

Tottenham supporters will obviously be a little disappointed should they not make it and will point to a few instances when the team should have done better resulting in a few more points already on the board, but as soon as a couple of new players have been bought there will once again be great optimism. For Arsenal failure after so many years of gloating and bragging will be nothing short of disastrous, there will again be calls for Wengers head, the board will be castigated for showing no ambition for several years as the inquest will begin into where it all went wrong. With crowds in excess of 60,000 and some of the highest ticket prices in England, with an enormous wage bill compared to Tottenham and income some £100m more failure today by Arsenal would be catastrophic.

All to play for and all to unravel soon.


9 to “Tottenham can take failure but Arsenal will never live it down.”

  1. gooner says:


  2. Gooner Graham says:

    Hahaha twat,good luck in the Europa league.

  3. Naete says:

    Is this article aimed at making you all feel better??? Ha! Haa!! Happy st.totteringhams day..

    • HP says:

      Exactly what I thought too. Like a safety net, a consolation before the story.

      Well, you are right we have much to lose and little to gain compared to Spurs of having much to gain and little to lose, but that’s because we have always been taking a lot and expectations have became sky high. That’s the differences with Spurs.

  4. happyhappy says:

    where is your unraveling now smart boy?

  5. tom says:

    Well all you gooners will not have to worry about losing any stars to the big clubs this summer because you havn’t got any. Make the most of it because now that AVB has made his mark he will be given the players to overtake you this season. Wengers final year of contract and it will end in tears, mark my words.

  6. grant says:

    Tottenham supporters are over it already, Bale set to sign contract and AVB setting his sights on some quality additions.
    What the goons got planned for the coming season,same as always a nice easy run from Feb to the end of the season with nothing to play for but 4th place. BORING.

  7. yidarmy says:

    He who laughs last laughs longest, and the day is fast approaching when Tottenham are the dominant team in North London.2007/8 season arse 83pts Spurs 46pts. 2012/13 arse 73pts Spurs 72pts. one team going backwards and the other on their tail. Hope you can take it as well as you give it out cos it’s coming.

  8. hahas spuds says:

    A huge thank you from Arsenal to Bale FC and it’s fans is as good a place as any I think. So, here goes:

    Thanks for the “entertainment” you have given us over the last season.

    Thanks for your constant bleating about being better than us.

    Thanks for beating us 2-1 at WHL in March and for kick-starting our winning run.

    Thanks to AVB and saying we were on a downward spiral whereas his team were upward.

    Thanks for the sight of the crowd at WHL yesterday jumping celebrating deliriously when they thought Newcastle had scored.

    Thanks for the sight of the bloke in a white t-shirt and his bulging eyes, as well as the two women with their dixie fried chicken filled flabby arms punching the air in delight, until it dawned on them that it was nothing more than just a cruel joke.

    Thanks to Bale and that ludicrously puzzled monkey face of his when he is denied a penalty claim.

    Thanks to AVB and his unique mix of a rocky balboa-esque shimmy cum morris dancing when decisions didn’t go his way.

    Thanks to the woman in the crowd who decided to wear a bridal head-dress who, just like her choice of club, would only get as far as being a bridesmaid.

    Above all, thank you Spurs for the laughter you have bought to our faces yet again.

    So, as my homage to our noisy neighbours, here’s a little song that you all may know. Please feel free to sing along:

    Oh when the Spurs,

    Go f**k it up

    Oh when the Spurs go f**k it up

    Seven points ahead of Arsenal

    Oh when the Spurs go f**k it up!

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