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Tottenham close in on Benteke.

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Eddie S

No it’s not true but it is as laughable as the endless reports that Dembele is close to switching to Aston Villa or Newcastle this January. We are talking about the Tottenham edition of Moussa Dembele  and not the 17 yr old at Fulham player here, a player that Tottenham purchased on the cheap at a cost of £15m a little ove fourteen months ago, a player who has been a mainstay in the team ever since and who has featured in all but two of Tottenham’s fixtures this season and started in the vast majority.

By all accounts Dembele is so anxious at missing a couple of games that he is now desperate to leave a club with realistic ambitions of competing for the title this season, for qualifying for the Champions League and with the expectation of lifting a cup. The tabloids will have us believe that Dembele is prepared to give all that up to play regularly for one of two teams that battled until the final few games of last season against relegation and two teams who by their own admission cannot afford the salaries nor the fees to compete with Tottenham at this present time.

Should we believe that Daniel Levy is going to be charitable this January and let Dembele leave on loan or for a knockdown fee, perhaps like Manchester City he will help out by offering to pay the majority of his salary, somehow I don’t think so. The media would have us believe that Dembele is worried for his position in the national team ahead of the World Cup, just how playing every game for Newcastle or Villa might help I have no idea, great performances and a few goals playing for Tottenham is all that it will take.

Some reports have even managed to suggest that Dembele is feeling compelled to leave because of the negative tactics of AVB, they had to have a dig at the Tottenham coach, tactics so negative that as we have reported many times Tottenham have had more attempts on goal than any other team, and let’s not beat about the bush Dembele is not now nor ever has been a player that thrives in the opposition area, he is a wonderful player, can run at and go past the opposition at will but finds goals and assists hard to come by and not because of AVB tactics. We would all wish for Dembele to score more often as his ability is such that he should, hopefully once the team beds together that will happen more often but until then he is an important part of the team and squad.

Going back to the subject of Benteke he is a player that might still be an option in the future but next summer at the earliest if it ever is to happen. Dembele might yet be a target for a couple of teams but none in the Premiership I’ll wager and if he is to leave then whoever is after his services had better be prepared to pay big money in an inflated January transfer window.


11 to “Tottenham close in on Benteke.”

  1. Jide says:

    The manner this article drifted off the Benteke subject into Dembele makes the whole story silly.

    • Tony says:

      Our writer just used some of the ridiculous licence that reporters use to rock the Tottenham boat. The Dembele and Sandro stories are both aimed at AVB and chip away at Tottenham supporters attitude toward him as both players, especially Sandro, are highly regarded by supporters. As far as I am aware all of our writers are in favour of AVB and have taken offence at what seems to be a concerted effort to turn support against him, if the media manage to turn support it will have a detrimental effect at games and on players, that in turn makes home games especially difficult and could affect results.

  2. Eric says:

    Wouldn’t mind a direct swap with benteke cause sandro n capoue are better defensively and Paulinho offensively.We are overloaded in midfield,also holtby can play in that position

  3. jay hickman says:

    tony and this forum teams articles are bogus, they stray off of topic and overly talk up spurs which gives off a complete air of delusions of grandier and so much expectation that its beyond laughable… also im glad if dembele fucks off, hes total garbage and i never wanted him in to start with, its fans like tony who rate him cause he strung a few fulham goals together… whats he done at spurs except take up a midfield role of doin fuck all… also tony claims he was at the final of the EoEC cup in 63 so are we meant to beleive that these articles are bein written by some old guy usin a laptop?! tony get real ur a clueless newb fan who rates rubbish players, claims spurs are winnin the title, claims spurs are the biggest club in europe, claims soldado will score 30 goals etc etc ect… your bogus and so are your articles you dirty old man

    • Tony says:

      Football is about expectation, the gooners have expectation of winning something for the first time in 9yrs, city hope they can win the title back off utd and chelsea hope they can repeat the success mourinho enjoyed 1st time round. Spurs expectation gets higher every year as they get closer to the top 4 and record higher points totals.What you want really has no bearing on matters because you don’t know a decent player when you see one. I didn’t write this article and only contribute occasionally but if ten year olds like you can use a laptop an old guy like me certainly can. The claims made are that they can win the title, can get in CL and can win a cup none of which are unrealistic.

    • steve says:

      wow this person never seems to have a good word to say, why do you even come on this site mate?

  4. jay hickman says:

    levy will sell off sandro, kaboul and dembele to free funds for benteke… then he will either keep defoe or sell him dependin on if they get benteke in but personally i’d hang on to defoe for as long as possible and play him upfront with benteke… benteke is another rubbish player so called spurs fans want in but he can score so anythin is better than that total flop solonado, he looks like igor from count duckula ffs…

    • Tony says:

      Sell off all players approaching their peak and keep Defoe in the last year or so of his contract and nearly 32 yrs old, that makes perfect sense. Just who is good enough to play for Spurs bearing in mind Ozil has gone.

    • whlspur says:

      what a misery you are is anybody any good at spurs? Don’t you think spurs have funds they haven’t spent anything in three years and are about £30m up in transfer dealings. No need to sell to spend and Sandro and Dembele won’t be sold. Kaboul won’t fetch money as he only has 6mths left on contract and it is all about whether he recovers from his injury.

  5. jay hickman says:

    why does tony keep goin on about ozil n fuckin arsenal players, focus on spurs ffs…

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