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Tottenham close on Benteke and Chadli as chaos reigns above.

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Scraggs

Tottenham continue to go about their transfer business quietly and efficiently, no headlines or comments from Levy, Baldini or AVB, they just quietly get on with the business of securing the players needed to finally challenge not just 4th placed Arsenal but each and every team that finished above them last season.

It is another six weeks before Levy time and the expectation that he might pull a gem from the hat but before then, in fact any day now it is expected that a deal will be announced for Christian Benteke and Nacer Chadli and AVB and the squad will be set to finally give it a real go with every position operating at strength. Closer to the transfer window I still believe a further deal will be completed and one that might just shock and please every Tottenham supporter, but more about that another time.

Whilst Tottenham move serenely along in the transfer market it must be said that Manchester City are also building up a head of steam, they have already purchased a couple of expensive additions, who alone will not improve them to any great extent as I believe Tottenham remain stronger in those two areas, the loss of Tevez is also a big hurdle that they will need to overcome, but they seem intent on adding Jovetic and Negredo to the ranks for about £50m or so and another experienced defender. If all of their purchases do come off then they will certainly improve.

Manchester United is another kettle of fish altogether, already smarting from Fergie’s retirement, David Moyes time has been fraught with problems, Rooney is unhappy and obviously wants out, Thiago was a major target who got away and even Leighton Baines purchase will not be a cakewalk. Vidic, Ferdinand and Giggs whilst not past it haven’t got much longer left and all are becoming injury prone, Scholes has gone and few if any of the younger players look likely to stamp their authority like players of old.

For Chelsea the “special one ” has returned but we all know the rule “never go back”. they are continuing to buy players at a relentless rate but I would argue that none are actually better than they already have and so far the areas neeeding work have not been addressed. Now it seems that another problem could be heading their way in the form of Rooney, will he be a Mourinho requirement or an Abramovitch indulgence? He is unhappy with United because RVP is considered the more important player, he is no longer the first name on the team sheet and so the dummy is thrown, if he goes to Chelsea it will be a cast iron fact that he starts all the big games and another prima donna will join the ranks. I am a little surprised at Mourinho as it was the players failing to knuckle down which cost him at Madrid and if that was bad then it might become far worse at Chelsea.

I leave the best until last, Arsenal. The board and supporters have been harping on about having money to spend at last and no longer being hampered by the stadium costs, this year they would be buying big, spending money and even increasing their not insignificant wage structure. Higuain, Jovetic, Fellaini, Suarez, Rooney, Fabregas and Cesar, they were all likely to join. Just a week or two ago Cesar and Higuain were done deals but now it seems that Napoli are favourites to sign them and of the rest they have professed their preference for United, City or Madrid. Walcott, Rosicky, Wilshere and others were today expressing their aim to challenge for the title once all the top players joined and expressing their excitement at seeing a superstar or two line up alongside them, but then the final bombshell a report that Atletico Madrid are trying to sign Cazorla, Arsenals last shining light. Things can change and Arsenal are just as likely to steal Benteke away but we shall see how it finally pans out.

JTN has gone on record as predicting that Tottenham and Chelsea would be fighting for the title come the end of the season, provided Tottenham finally sign the centre forward needed there is no reason to alter that opinion, but if City manage to sign the three players they want then it should turn into a three way battle.

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