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Tottenham credentials are Champion.

Posted on September 15, 2013 by Tony

Although there is a long way to go before AVB can be fully satisfied with the performance of his team or the players can say that they are performing to their optimum level, overall though there must be growing satisfaction within the entire group as to the possibilities for this season.

Yesterdays performance was probably the most impressive to date as they dominated Norwich from beginning to end, the shots rained in but it was the creative juices that flowed and much of the credit must be handed to Eriksen for that. Think of Tottenham through the years and you think of an exciting team full of attacking intent with plenty of goals in the locker, also a team with a soft underbelly and always likely to be overrun in midfield, a team that concedes poor goals on a regular basis and almost always ends the season with more goals against than any of the top 7 or 8 teams. What we now have is a team dominating possession and no longer surrendering so many chances to the opposition, within the ranks they have some wonderful midfield players offering defensive and offensive qualities, Capoue, Sandro , Paulinho and Dembele all offer a helping hand to the defence and each of them add different qualities to the team when chosen.

Tottenham have conceded just a solitary goal, away at the Emirates, and the other five competitive games played have resulted in clean sheets, no mean feat for a team having to contend with so many new arrivals. It is probably the sheer quality of the players arriving that has made the difference, they are all excellent at what they do and they have just brought their style and form to the proceedings. In the 4 league games this season the team have allowed only a total of 24 shots against, 12 of them away to Arsenal, only 14 of those being on target, in that same period Tottenham have had more shots than any other team with a total of 79. The perfect scenario, all the attacking intent that is associated with Tottenham teams allied to a strong midfield and defence able to stand up to any team they face.

As we have been saying since the season started, and as is becoming increasingly obvious with every fixture, the teams associated with the top four positions in the league are performing pretty much as we expected, with the exception of Manchester City, they are the team that we expected to be the main contenders but who have drastically under-performed so far.

Chelsea under the watchful eye of Jose “the best team lost” Mourinho  have not yet produced a decent performance, the first half at home to newly promoted Hull does not cut it and beyond that it has all been pretty scrappy. We have said before and we still believe that their squad is unbalanced, overloaded with midfield creators but nobody to make the chances count, Torres and Eto’o have left their best years behind them while Lukaku has been sacrificed along with Moses for Willian. Mourinho already looks a worried man as he continues to rant about the best team losing, yesterday and against Bayern the game and statistics were the complete opposite, yet no matter whether Chelsea are over run or have most of the play they are best team! These rants always happen after a defeat and in just five competitive fixtures back at his spiritual home he has already suffered two defeats and a draw.

Manchester United started like a train with a comfortable away victory over Swansea but they had a huge hand from a couple of glaring defensive errors that gave them the initiative, since then three indifferent performances and just four points. Van Persie, who many believe made the difference for them last season, has lost his mojo for the moment and together with a poor transfer window already puts United on the back foot.

The other top four team is of course our nearest and dearest Arsenal, they have recovered very well and are racking up the points like Tottenham, as we know the North London clubs sit proudly at the top of the Premier League, at least until Liverpool play Swansea tomorrow. Apart from a few free signings the only other major acquisition was of course Ozil, at the moment none of us seem to be able to escape the idea that he is going to suddenly turn Arsenal into winners all on his lonesome, it would be foolish not to admit that he is a quality player and is better than all of the other Arsenal midfielders, but, they still have major problems defensively and in midfield. Yesterday Arsenal ran the show at Sunderland but in the end were very lucky to escape with the points as it could so easily have ended in a draw or worse still defeat, the referee again came to their rescue at a crucial moment. Shearer put it very well when he said that their attacking strengths are almost certainly also their greatest weakness.

Now that we have seen five of Tottenham’s new signings in action and performing exceptionally well, with £30m Lamela still to train and settle, as well as Chiriches to make an appearance, it is difficult to find a glaring weakness in the Tottenham team, many believed Danny Rose was not up to the task but he is growing into the role nicely and now the No.10 that they said we were missing is up and running and could prove to be the bargain of the decade, Eriksen was born to play for Tottenham and should prove even more effective than Modric with the extra goal and assist threat that he provides.

Tottenham are not by any means the finished article as yet nor guaranteed anything this season, they are though a team improving month by month and should be given the respect that they deserve. If AVB feels that he there a missing piece to the jigsaw then expect Tottenham to go out and add that piece in January and then let’s see where this season takes us.


21 to “Tottenham credentials are Champion.”

  1. Eric says:

    still feel we lack a quality back up striker.Would prefer someone physical with height like dzeko,lacina traore,benteke,etc

  2. Eric says:

    we are still in profit n levy seems to trust AVB so if by Jan we r in the the title race m sure he will let us have a striker n rb

    • Tony says:

      £60m tv money untouched, original transfer fund untouched and £4m profit untouched. Wouldn’t mind your suggestion of Dzeko he seems to have been frozen out a little.

  3. 6YardsOut says:

    If progress continues to be made then spurs can be a title contender soon.

    The defence needs sorting though IMO.

    • Tony says:

      five clean sheets in 6 with kaboul still to reach peak and win his place back, cover for rose the only worry but fryers vertonghen of possible chiriches can do it. defence and defensive midfield is no worry.

    • mick says:

      Tell me a team with four better central defenders than spurs. Chelsea no chance not with old man terry and headless chicken luiz, arsenal only have the two and mertsacker is a carthorse. United have a couple of ageing stars in Ferdinand and vidic, city have a couple of good uns and lescott. maybe the gap is close in fullback positions and Chelsea and united edge it but arsenal and city don’t.

  4. Eric says:

    exactly y I would love dzeko tony.He’s physical needs game time n is pl proven.Soldado is more of a poacher but I doubt city will sell to a title rival.Remember how be demolished us on opening dat few seasons ago ? feel we should get a bit cheaply n he’s a better option than chicharito since he’s similar to soldado

    • Tony says:

      much prefer him to llorente who they are talking about again. It needs to be something different to what we have, had hoped ade might be the one but his ego is too big to cope with anything other than 1st choice.

  5. Eric says:

    no point haggling over ade.Dzeko ticks all the boxes,would be a dream to have him.any temperament issues with him ? lol

  6. Eric says:

    who would b ur striker replacements come January ?

    • Tony says:

      i fancy if spurs remain in a position around the top levy will throw another record signing into the pot if thats what AVB wants, perhaps martinez of portoor the fella from milan they have been talking about today,stephan al sharaawy, a good old italian name. young up and coming right up levy street.

      • mick says:

        still fancy us for benteke in January or the summer as it now seems that villa are struggling again, didn’t expect them to after their start but still something wrong there.that is until we face them in the cup next week of course.

  7. marvy says:

    lol tottenham champions? wt ve u in smoking recEntly a lil club lyk tottenham shud b struggling with everton 4 a Europa league place, u fink u cn win the league wit ur average players?
    cmon tottenham Cnt win d league, its 4 d top teams nt 4 lil clubs lyk spurs,, .u guys wil 4eva b in arsenals shadow..rememba north London has only 1 club..! LOL

    • Tony says:

      that little club finished a point behind you in the last 2 years and irrespective of your champions league football and huge ground capacity are growing at a faster rate than you and the chavs. arsenal have got ozil and cazorla as their only exceptional players and i am even beginning to fear that wilshire is going to fall away, to many serious injuries over a sustained period for a young player is not good. how long before City come calling for ozil do you think? you gooners can’t win anything so don’t keep calling yourself a top team, it’s over and has been for several years. Time for the new kids on the block, it’s inevitable,haha.

    • grant says:

      this little club managed to push you all the way in the last 2 seasons only losing out mainly due to lack of experience. It will not happen again.

    • mick says:

      don’t knock the Europa league as you might still be lucky enough to finish as high as third in your CL group and play in it after Xmas, if not then next season if you finish as high as 5th or 6th.

  8. Tony says:

    you keep believing that. the three clubs you mention, arsenal, utd and chelsea have been the most successful over the past10- 15yrs and so will be more well known, now city are growing with their recent success and Spurs are doing likewise, a new supporters club opens in america alone every week. when we bring home silverware this seasonand get in CL for next year you had better hope it’s not at your expense. Spurs have a massive fanbase just waiting to be ignited by success. The Giant Rises, you have been warned.

    • mick says:

      Well said mate do these morons have any idea how big and how famous spurs are. I was at the Madrid game the other year and spurs supporters were everywhere. One bit of success is all it will take.

  9. grant says:

    Make the most of this season because the power is shifting and next summer you won’t be able to go anywhere without seeing a spurs shirt somewhere in the world. the futures bright the futures lilywhite.COYS

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