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Tottenham deserve respect.

Posted on December 01, 2013 by Scraggs

Great performance from the lads today but still not enough to shut up the doubters and yet they played against the current champions, are just a solitary point behind them and in all honesty came away from the game feeling disappointed not to have won all three points. During AVB’s after match interview he was clear in that he feels that the media do have an agenda against Tottenham and ┬áthat they as a club are not getting the respect that they deserve.

Maybe Tottenham’s supporters might like to adopt an approach of them against the world rather than fall for an agenda that really does seem to exist and it’s not just against AVB as it affects Tottenham players and subsequently Tottenham results. Can anybody tell me why United performances are considered superior to anything that Tottenham have produced as they retained as much possession as they could and passed sideways and backwards to do so.

Take a look at the Liverpool game today and then tell me that we are not their betters based upon that performance and yet they are equal second in the league and spoken of as not only top four candidates but also potential title winners. Let’s see how much stick Rodgers receives from the media and his own supporters after a dire performance against a Hull team that could have scored a few more goals against them.

Today’s performance was impressive by any standards, even more so considering the pressure the players were under, AVB got it spot on, the team was strong and effective and every substitution seemed to work, Chadli was a surprise inclusion for some but he worked extremely hard, put in a great shift and helped out defensively when Vertonghen looked like he might struggle to contain Valencia.

For all of you who believe that Sandro is nothing more than a midfield enforcer take a look at his goal today,already a contender for goal of the month and as good as any you might see from a midfielder. Dembele and Paulinho were both immense and Vlad Chiriches is fast earning a reputation as the buy of the season.

There really doesn’t seem too much wrong with this team that a bit of time and patience won’t put right and to find a way to rebuild what by now must be Soldado’s shattered confidence.

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  1. tinalex says:

    It is always nice to be supportive of your team particularly in difficult times but the Man U of last season is not the Man U of the current season. A current benchmark of how good your players are is the gap between your team and those on top. I remember after five games you were bragging that the difference between Tottenham and Arsenal’s huge salary bill was a goal difference. It seems to me that you have since abandoned any comparisons to Arsenal because they appear to have gone out of sight ahead of you, hence benchmarking with fellow struglers in the mold of Man U.

    • Tony says:

      I think you will find that we have always said that they but they are still odds on for top 4. are not the team of last seaon. Good to see that you have seen some earlier articles but in all honesty it would be a little foolish to deride the performance of arsensl since. Having said that they are still not title winners for me. What is your point exactly? Success for us will be top 4 and possibly a cup final arsenal need a lot more but will they get it? Still confident we will close the gap so lets see what next few months bring.

  2. Tony says:

    Dont think you will find anybody here describe them as rubbish but clearly they are not the team they were.

  3. Eric says:

    Started with wenger then carried on with pelegrini,moyes,mourinho,jol,di canio,Hughton,pardew,etc the media makes its scapegoat each week.M new to British tabloids and I must say the daily fail n metro are the worst.Can’t believe u ppl haven’t banned it yet.They both are a disgrace to journalism

    • tom says:

      Not until somebody sues will they become accountable but most simply ignore the morons, in this case some spurs supporters have taken the crap onboard and it has had a detrimental effect on the squad as a result. the final straw was probably changing what he said to imply he blamed his players and did not accept any responsibility himself. they did the same with the medical staff over Lloris and the supporters when he attempted to raise the decibel level. ashton also wrote article saying anybody could have won four trophies in his year with Porto. Simply scum.

  4. Tony says:

    Check the table and see where we are from 4th 3rd and 2nd.. The gap woll close to 1st in the next couple of months.Please make your point its still not clear.

  5. Tony says:

    Thank you for your suggestion but shall totally ignore it. Do you read the newspapers once a year or daily. Silly suggestion when you think about it eh. Please dont use Sugar as a football expert he has never kicked a ball in his life. John terry had only 34 goals in 400 games how does he even get a game. Stupid arguments and not worthy of any more rwsponse from me.

  6. BigH says:

    Great stuff today and if we had won we would have deserved it against a man u side who have been playing well recently. Thank god AVB has started to wake up and played a powerful midfield. Sandro was outstanding and anyone who says he is anything but a class act as an enforcer clearly has no clue about football and should take up bird watching. Didnt quite get Lennon being hauled off though. Dembele still gives the ball away far too cheaply and he needs to buck up, but I am sure he will. AVB has a valid point media are very biased against us. How did Rooney get MOM today? Of course the little shit Michael Owen gave it to him. I had mates who told me after the BT commentators were totally pro man u. We have come to expect this but good on AVB to raise it. I hope AVB now has woken up to the strength we need in midfield to bring all our new players along. COYS

    • Tony says:

      At last a proper response to what was a good performance, we actually deserved more and better still we also know the players and other members of the squad can all do better. I hope AVB manages to get a few decent results and encourages our supporters to close ranks against all the disgraceful efforts to destabalise OUR club. The mail are the scum of the earth and AVB has severely damaged their credibility so now the battle with the media is on.

      • BigH says:

        Well said. Nothing wrong with honest well meaning criticism but that rag (mail) and other rags like the metro do nothing but print vitriolic hate. Expect no more from right wing trash. Good on AVB for sticking up for himself and the club. Respect is due

  7. tom says:

    what a prick you are, I also read most articles and can’t recall ever seeing that United are rubbish but rather that they are the current champions, that’s a fact and they are not at the same standard in previous years and even the most ardent utd supporter would tell you the same. No media agenda are you blind or as I suspect support somebody else. Ashton wrote that AVB said his players should be ashamed when he actually said we inc. himself, they also ridiculed his achievements at Porto. Get your head out of your arse man.

  8. tom says:

    Haha don’t bother to come back on here till the end of the season then, practice what you preach.

  9. GoingGoingGooner says:

    It was an entertaining game and I think Spurs should feel dissappointed that they didn’t take all 3 points. Their reaction to the penalty was to go down the other end and create 3 or 4 reasonable chances. It’s a long season and I have to think that Southampton and Newcastle especially will drop back leaving a smaller number of teams to tussle for the top spots. You have to think that Spurs will be in the mix.

  10. naska says:

    it’s unbelievable how soldado gets game time he is tereble.giroud is one of arse’s worst stikers ever and still looks head and shoulders above any of our strikers.

    • Tony says:

      When it comes to strikers they need a break sometimes to set them off and Soldado could do withthat at the momeny. Leaving him out doesnt help especially as his link up play is so good. Still confident he will go on a run and goal glut yet.

  11. Tony says:

    you have posted 12 comments in a week and every one of them has been negative, one more and your fired. get it you seem to agree with Sugar.

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